Moleskine: Marcio Kogan Studio MK27

9788867326938.MAIN copyThis almost theatrical book is a compelling read infused with whimsy, wit and wonderful design.

This unique Moleskine highlights Sao Paulo-based architect Marcio Kogan’s work and life. His studio MK27 is famed for its series of high-end and sophisticated residential and commercial projects. Marcio’s transition from a filmmaker into an architect is evident in the format and structure of the book. It has been designed in the format of a ten-day journal that’s not unlike the drama and magnificence of cinema. “A significant factor in this method of projecting and telling a story of architecture is Kogan’s experience as a director and passion he has for cinema,” writes the editor in the introduction. The creators as well as the occupants of the buildings are important to MK27’s design process. The tome also features projects that are in the process of design and yet to be completed. “The projects are revealed through the personality of each individual architect of the group and are forged through continuous exchanges and confrontations, trials, attempts and revisions, whose paramount aim is to satisfy the client,” states the editors in the writings at the beginning of the book. A sense of theatricality pervades the book as it does his work, making them both compelling. The readers not only views but gets engaged in the occupants of Marcio’s buildings while Sao Paulo, the city forms a relentless and engaging muse and background, for Marcio’s creations.
Unlike other Moleskines in the inspiration series, this is a personal account by Marcio, providing a vivid glimpse into the daily life and routine of the architect; not just his inspiration or design process, but life and people who form the generators of his design ideas — friends, family, meetings, site visits, classes, parties, food, and the daily workings of his studio. Projects from Spain, Hungary and the US, amongst others have been showcased through a series of process sketches, models and drawings that are interspersed with photographs. However, the human behind this process at all times remains crucial.
Editors Francesca Serrazanetti,
Matteo Schubert
Publisher Moleskine (14 January 2015)
ISBN-13 978-8867326938
Paperback 144 pages
Availability Amazon India
Price Rs. 2,148