Mekhala Bahl


Colour, shape and thought come together to weave life’s rich tapestry in Mekhala Bahl’s art.
image1 copyMekhala Bahl’s art is a fun, energizing and a potent combination of the imagination of a child with the skill and technique of a professional artist. Her work is rife with circles, formless shapes and innocent drawings that are reminiscent of doodles. Mekhala’s art moves beyond the skin of consciousness, transcending what is taught and into the realm of the experienced. The Gurgaon-based artist studied at the Rhode Island School of Design, USA (2003) and works across multiple mediums including paint, ink, pencil-work and quilting. She is deeply influenced by daily happenings, childhood memories and recollections of dreams. It is no wonder then that we see sculptures made with cotton candy and fried gram flour; paintings with chairs and ice cream cones; or pakodas in the shape of mini motorcycles. Her works have been exhibited at Open Palm Court Gallery, India Habitat Center, New Delhi; Gallery Chemould, Mumbai; Indigo Blue Art Gallery, Singapore; Palazzo Cenci, Rome, Italy; Benson Hall Gallery, Rhode Island, USA among others.

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