Lowline – the world’s first underground park

The-Low-Line-2-1020x610Lowline, the world’s most futuristic park is set to come up in New York City. The project comprises of building a green landscape in an abandoned subway under Manhattan. The plan would create a public space with natural vegetation — accomplished via sunlight piped in through high-tech tubes. The innovative day-lighting system will use fiber optic cables and mirrors to pump sunlight underground to sustain a flourishing underground forest measuring a full acre in size. The project is the brainchild of James Ramsey, a Yale-educated architect, designer, and former satellite engineer for NASA. James envisions having 3,500 different varieties of plants in the actual Lowline. He wants to design the completed Lower East Side project to look from the outside like the sidewalk was peeled up, revealing the contents of the underground. Inside will be pathways that wind between pools of water and clumps of plants.


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