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Lingel Windows with SankalpTaru Foundation cuts back carbon footprint

In collaboration with SankalpTaru Foundation, Lingel Windows aims to reduce carbon footprint with the help of its customers. The German-based brand aims to create a carbon neutral company in India by launching Project Bhavnam in Manesar, Haryana.

The programme works in a simple way: along with a quotation of an order, Lingel shares a detailed calculation of the order’s carbon footprint to its customers. Thereon, the customer can address a cheque of any amount to the foundation and Lingel’s sales team takes it ahead. Besides, an equal amount is also contributed by Lingel to the foundation. On plantation of a tree, the donor customer receives a confirmation email with unique tree and e-forest url including an image of the planted sapling, its geolocation, a tree planting e-certificate and other beneficiary details. Also, the donor also receives a 50 per cent tax exemption under 80G.