Light-en Up!

It’s a robot! It’s a planter! It’s a minion? Francois Chambard’s creations will have you yelling random things at them while you try to guess what they are but as it turns out, they are lamps! Well, sort of. The Craft System (under the label UM Project) is a modular light series that consists of a common base unit and various attachments to customize the lamp. He designed a single piece and then created whimsical versions of it, almost like a family of quirky members. A block of Corian serves as the foundation to an LED grid, light bulb, diffusers or even a miniature greenhouse. What makes it fun is the large dial on its surface with which the user can engage with the product. These sci-fi wonders may look like one of those comical cuties from Wall-E, but were created with an aim to blur the line between the mass-produced and the handmade. Talk about looking at things in a different light!