Kwong von Glinow designs Hong Kong high-rises with multi-storey homes

Chicago-based design firm Kwong Von Glinow have proposed the conceptual Tower within a Tower scheme as a solution for the issue of pancake stacks of apartments in Hong Kong. The design reimagines the apartment unit as a collection of spaces stacked on top of each other vertically rather than arranged on a horizontal plane. Following which, each customizable apartment would be assembled off-site from a selection of modules chosen according to the needs of future inhabitants.

These units would then be brought to the site and stacked on top of each other to form an apartment building. The pyramid-like form of the apartments is intended to open up communal space between the homes. Alison Von Glinow, co-founder of the studio alongside Lap Chi Kwong, emphasizes that the spaces between units have been opened up to foster a sense of community amongst the building’s residents.
Source: Dezeen