IIID’s Karona Kuch initiative receives massive response from design community

To help the nation in its fight against the Coronavirus pandemic, nearly 10,000 members of the Institute of Indian Interior Designers (IIID) have ideated to come up with design interventions through the Karona Kuch initiative. The initiative is a call to the design community to ideate and propose solutions, sketches, specifications, techniques, designs or any other interventions that have the potential to help protect and save lives.

Presently, more than 130 designs have been submitted in a span of less than two weeks. These submissions have been compiled into a single document and its copies will be sent to chief ministers, chief secretaries, heads of disaster management teams and NGOs. The design ideas proposed by the design community are expected to help all constituents of the economy to undertake disaster recovery and business continuity in the short term, whereas to work on building a humane and sustainable world in the long run. The design ideas include Hope on Wheels, 15 minute makeshift beds, plastic file masks, among others that inculcate the spirit of Indian innovation. These ideas are for the benefit of all who can benefit from them. Lead by reputed architects including Gayathri Shetty from Bengaluru, Rahul Dalvi from Vadodara and Paresh Kapade of Indore, the Karona Kuch initiative by IIID was launched on March 27, 2020.