Henning Larsen’s Paris Office Complex brings rural living to the workplace

The 55,000-square-metre scheme by Henning Larsen for the NØRR office and cultural centre in Saint-Denis, near Paris creates an intimate setting for urban professional life derived from Scandinavian-style human scales. The scheme’s design features working space engaging in direct dialogue with lush terraces, daylight and a tight sense of community. The concept behind NØRR translates the rural village typology into a human-orientated workplace.

On the ground level, 5,000 square metres of outdoor cafes, cultural spaces and green gardens invite the public into NØRR’s daily life, with pedestrian corridors and small-scale gathering points mirroring the intimate setting of village streets. The Henning Larsen scheme sits along a corridor of significant new development, with projects by Snøhetta, Kengo Kuma and Marc Mimram expected to rise within a kilometre of NØRR, as well as the new aquatics centre for the 2024 Olympics.
Source: Archdaily