Five stylish water closets and bidets

We bring you five stylish water closets and bidets which would add more glamour to your bathrooms.

Roca India

004_04440_00This wall hung clean rim water closet from the Gap collection is made from vitreous china. Clean Rim allows the water flow to circulate along the whole inner perimeter, achieving higher efficiency in the water flush down on the inside of the bowl. Moreover, it does not have furrows, edged angles, corners or gaps in the surface, making it easier to clean.
Rs. 12,000 onward
Kohler India
Kohler.Pureclean 3_2 copyThe Pureclean bidet seats can perfectly fit on a variety of toilets as it comes in three shapes. A retractable wand, an adjustable front and rear wash, water pressure control, a non-corrosive body and single easy-to-use lever to control functions are some of its important features. Also notable is the gentle cleansing offered by Pureclean that helps kids clean themselves more thoroughly and promotes awareness of the benefits of cleanliness.
Rs. 6,999
FCML India
FCML Kartell by Laufen 1 copyThe common design feature of WCs and bidets in the Kartell by Laufen range is their conical shape. The WCs have an equally powerful flush with 6/3 litres and with 4.5/3 litres. The wall-mounted WC and bidet are fastened to the wall with a new assembly system — this renders the use of protective covers obsolete and the surface remains smooth and easy to clean. All WCs and bidets are available in white with Laufen Clean Coat white and matte white.
Price on request
Villeroy & Boch
Badtrends2015The wall-mounted Subway 2.0 wash down toilet is made of vitreous china. It has a concealed trapway and a D-shape bowl with a water use of 1.6/0.8. gpf (gallons per flush). The Ceramicplus surface of this toilet ensures easy-care and dirt repellent. With Ceramicplus water immediately form droplets that simply flow off the surface, taking the dissolved dirt and lime scale with it.
Price on request
vitra-V-care FAQ-5 copyThe V-Care range of shower toilets has been designed by the design studio NOA. The series is made with a specially designed nozzle spray that allows the user to regulate the water as desired. It can be used via a remote control for nozzle position, water pressure and the temperature of the water and the seat. Other features include a rimless design of the inner bowl and hidden installation of V- Fit.
Price on request