Eureka Forbes’ customized water solutions

Dr. Aquagaurd range of purifiers copyWater purifiers major Eureka Forbes has over the years, identified 17 different water conditions and developed 17 different technologies to address each of these conditions. This research and development has given way to a new range of water purifiers called Dr Aquaguard — customized water solutions. The customized offerings are: a mineral cartridge which enhances the taste of water by removing residual dissolved harmful gases like VOCs; a biotron cartridge that breaks complex water molecules into fine micro clusters making water more bio-permeable; a HCCB Cartridge (Hybrid Carbon Chemi Block) which removes excess chlorine, bad odour, colour and organic impurities and lastly, HD Filter Cartridge which ousts suspended particles such as dust, dirt, mud and sand. These purifiers are available exclusively through Certified Water Specialists of Eureka Forbes’ Direct Sales Network.