Bestow with Love

Celebrate and spread some festive cheer this season by presenting your friends and family with the best in beautiful furnishings, quirky and classy accessories, elegant crockery and a lot more…




Celebrate with flair and create a vibrant atmosphere at home with these colourful cushion covers sporting stunning geometric patterns created on hand-woven chanderi fabrics.
Rs. 675 onward

klove-Mixed forms in Glass. copyKlove

These delightful t-light holders, featuring golden and amber accents will light up any room.
Rs. 4,500 (set of 4)
ELVY  (14) copyElvy

Don’t mistake these breathtakingly beautiful flowers as the real ones. Carefully re-created using mock silk, these blooms make lovely home decor accessories. The pristine white flower bins are made from powder-coated iron.
Rs. 495 onward
lladro-Ganesha 2015 copyLladro

This divine Ganesha in white matte porcelain showers blessings with an open hand and its palm forward. Made in shades of light pink and brown, it has simple and elegant embellishments.
Rs. 25,000 (16 cm x 14 cm)

viya-MUGHAL PLATTERS copyViya Home

A regal-looking Mughal Platter like this one deserves to carry the most delicious delicacies this festive season. Made from brass, it has been shaped into a pretty lotus.
Price on request

Spacio.Lamps - Floor & Table - Mood Shot copySpacio

These classy wooden lamps (in varied sizes) enhanced by the laser cut design will fit perfectly with most home decors and are therefore a good, reliable choice as a gift this festive season.
Rs. 15,000 onward

nupur-Flower Butterfly T-Light copyNupurh J

The Flower and Butterfly t-light from the Enchanted Collection is handcrafted in pure silver and adorned with 24-karat gold gilt. Note the intricately carved floral motifs and perched butterflies.
Rs. 25,500
A 9-IMG_0773 copyApartment 9

The stunning tea pot is made of ceramic with brass detailing and sports an intriguing shape and design.
Price on request
Arttdinox Flower vase Rs.4950 copyArttdinox

Let this contemporary stainless steel vase be a home to beautiful flowers. Long and slim in shape, the vase has perforation on the top for single stems.
Rs. 4,950

sarita-BOLD CHEVRON copySarita Handa

The classic chevron patterned cushion cover can brighten up any living area. It features crewel embroidery in autumn colours on its surface and is stitched from 100 per cent cotton with a linen weave.
Rs. 2,650

'Alfresco Collection' by D'Decor (3) copyD’Decor

The grey and teal cushions, made from polyester and cotton, are part of the Alfresco collection that sport traditional jacquard textures.
Rs. 700 to Rs. 750 (per metre)

icasa-IMG_4613 copyI Casa

The twisted shape of the amber and olive coloured glass bottles adds to their charm. One can use it to store oil, vinegar, water or use it as a vase too.
Rs. 7,115 (amber bottle), Rs. 5,645 (olive bottle)
mkc-Diwali 2 copyMKC

Up your festive design quotient with these velvet cushions featuring leather applique work.
Price on request
nupur-WHITE LILY PUJA SET copyNupurh J

A throwback to traditional times; this pooa set is from the Divine collection. Made from pure silver and 24-karat gold gilt, it comprises of a thaali, bell, diyas , akhand jyot, aarti diya, lota, aarti sangrah and an agarbati stand.
Price on request
purple-Bird Cage T Light Holders copyThe Purple Turtles

These bird cages have been transformed into delightful t-light holders and are available in finishes such as antique copper, brass and silver-recessed.
Rs. 2,800 onward
maitland-1653-754 copyMaitland Smith

Gift this Sherwood Brass Urn Candelabra to someone who appreciates the beauty of vintage design. It is crafted in brass with a gold agate stone base.
Rs. 2,42,793
chamak-soh16 copyChamak Patti

These spunky colourful glass bottles are made of clear glass and decorated with hand-cut sheets of reflective stickers. They glow in the
dark too!
Rs. 1,500 onward
A 9-IMG_0782 copyApartment 9

A swarm of butterflies are seen flying in every direction from this beautiful wall art with mirror. Created from brass and iron, this piece is sure to brighten up any wall.
Price on request
india-Circular-Chaos-Chai-Glasses- copyIndia Circus

Savour the taste of your daily chai in these striking Chai Glasses that have a bucolic charm.
Rs. 799 (each)
sajavat-Rs.9,500, Rs.8,500, Rs.7,500 - Driftwood stand with fibre glass holders. Ideal for holding chocolates, nuts or as beautiful T-light holders by Sajavat Group copySajavat Group

Fill these green, blue and opaque fibre-glass holders with delish treats to munch on. Perched on a driftwood stand, they make pretty t-light holders too.
Rs.9,500, Rs. 8,500 and Rs. 7,500 respectively
tfr-jazz band set of three (1) copyThe Furniture Republic

Part of a set of three, this Jazz Band Singer makes for a great gift this festival season as it is metal plated with an antique gold finish.
Rs. 9,900
inv-Images26 copyInV Home

A bone China dinnerware set like the Blue Geo is a perfect accompaniment to a sumptuous meal. It comprises four dinner plates, four side plates, four small bowls, two large bowls, one rice plate, and one salt and pepper set.
Rs. 25,765
Frazer and Haws - BOWL NECTAR RS-64500 copyFrazer and Haws

The handcrafted sterling silver bowl with chased floral motifs rests on a wooden stand while a bird perches on the edge. The bowl is further enhanced with highlights of 24-karat (consistency)
gold gilt.
Rs. 64,500

idus-jumping-cat-with-low-tail-in-ceramic copyIdus

The graceful four-legged creature is immortalized in ceramic porcelain and painted with pure 24-karat gold. Deliberating over whether to jump or not, the cat is playing with a Swarovski chain.
Price on request
roche-2015_2_VOILA_Luminaires_1_det_pdf_ht copyRoche Bobois

Designed by Alessio Bussan, the Voila Table Lamp is a dazzling piece that is made from hand blown Murano glass in amber or ruby with a grey steel ring.
Rs. 1,37,700 (big), Rs. 1,13,400 (small)
lladro-Copy of Divine Love copyLladro

Handmade in Valencia Spain by Marco Antonio Nogueron, the Divine Love is an intricate porcelain sculpture that captures the farewell between a couple on the banks of the river Ganges. Part of the Spirit of India collection, the sculpture is bedecked in traditional Hindu jewellery and costumes.
Rs. 2,55,000

maspar-Metro city-1 (1) copyMaspar

This blue and green printed bed sheet and pillow cover set is part of the Colourful Bedding collection. It is made from 100 per cent cotton.
Price on request

fab-Imperial Knots Hand Tufted Chindi Rug Multicolor, Rs18000 copyFab Furnish

Add oodles of charm and vibrancy to the living room with this hand tufted Chindi Rug by Imperial Knots that’s made with New Zealand wool and a viscose blend.
Rs. 18,000
Spacio.S 2 - Gold Swan copySpacio

Brass and glass come together to create this stunning pair of bookends that has two shimmering swans peeking at each other. This one will be a great gift for a book lover for sure!
Rs. 14,000

The brass Fatehpur finial candle-stands attempt to capture the splendour of Mughal court performances.
Price on request
tfr-ares copyThe Furniture Republic

Ares, the Greek God of war, gets beautifully sculpted in metal with an antique gold finish. It is available in size 137 cm x 47 cm x 40 cm.
Rs. 39,000
nupur-Agabati & Dhoop Stand 1 copyNupurh J

The Lotus Agarbati stand has been handcrafted in pure silver and embellished with 24-karat gold gilt.
Price on request

address home_0006_Group-2 copyAddress Home

The ceramic Este Balck and Gold decor jar has an Oriental inspired form while its detailing pays homage to geometric Celtic patterns.
Rs. 2,290

fab-Aapno Rajasthan Round Shaped Tea Light Holder With Color Glass Stones, Rs801 (1) copyFab Furnish

This charming copper-finished t-light holder with colourful glass stones is from the house of Aapno Rajasthan.
Rs. 801

Spacio.S1 _Copper & Gold -Lanterns copySpacio

These subtle yet chic candle lanterns have been crafted from the unorthodox metal brass and would make any table setting gleam with brightness.
Rs. 8,500 onward
aura-Image-11 copyAura

Called Wall Shadows, this beautiful wall fixture is made from matt white powder coated aluminium. Designed by product designer Charles Kalpakian, this illuminator is sure to act as a spatial focal point within one’s home.
Price on request
ELVY  (5) copyElvy

The Imperial Hurricanes, the Clarion lantern cages and the Clarion tea light holder with glass small taupe would make great gifts.
Rs. 2,595 (small hurricane), Rs. 2,895 (large hurricane), Rs. 1,495 (taupe lantern), Rs. 2,495 ( brown lantern), Rs. 895 (t-light holder)

Frazer and Haws - Art piece oracle - Rs.49600 copyFrazer and Haws

Called Oracle, this mystical figurine is styled after a Japanese Geisha with elegant folds and contours. It is handcrafted in mixed media and hallmarked sterling silver.
Rs. 49,600
lladro-Om Plate copyLladro

An auspicious gift during the festive time, the pretty Om plate is made of white porcelain with a matte finish. The
gold detailing on the plate is inspired by Indian iconography.
Rs. 5,500
dhoop-IMG_4842 copyDhoop

Gift this gorgeous Moroccan Votive to your family and friends… it’s bound to look wonderful as a center piece this festive season! The votive is created out of embossed and beaten metal with cutwork. It’s available in distressed white gold and patina gold.
Rs. 650
india-Song-of-the-Peacock-Vase copyIndia Circus

Majestic yet delicate, this standalone vase printed on a ceramic base — from the Mughal Opulence collection – depicts early mornings and a peacock calling out to his mate in a garden.
Rs. 1,399

arttdinox-The Chaa Set from Arrtdinox copyArttdinox

This shimmering Chaa set comprises of a Chaa pot (kettle and insulated teapot), an infusing stirrer, an ethnic wooden tray with six insulated chai glasses, and a sugar pot with a spoon.
Rs. 2,500 + 500 (Chaa pot + infusing stirrer sold together), Rs. 700 (sugar pot + spoon sold together), Rs. 3,800 (chai glasses set of 6), Rs. 3,600 (wooden tray)

Elvy  (2) copyElvy

Inspired by Italian architecture, the Burano Lace tea set is adorned with a beautiful lace pattern. Made in white porcelain, the 23-piece set includes six dinner plates, six side plates, six bowls, one casserole with lid, one vegetable bowl and two oval platters.
Rs. 12,995
episode-DSC_3566 copyEpisode

Shaped like a lotus, the Shradha Jyot t-light holders, silver-plated on brass, never go out of style and make great gifts during the festive season.
Rs. 1,700 (small); Rs. 2,500 (large)
trans-Diya copyTransforme

Bring light to the houses of your loved ones with this lovely cast metal Lotus candle holder.
Price on request

shaze-Cat Bookends (2) copyShaze

This exclusive electroformed silver and gold finish horse head figurine has been intricately crafted and would make an amazing gift on a festive occasion.
Price on request
roche-GRAAL_lot de vases_1 copyRoche Bobois

Crafted in polished stainless steel, the Graal vase designed by Cedric Ragot redefines old-world charm. A thoughtful gift like this one
is sure to make someone’s festivities special.
Rs. 58,725 (big),Rs. 38,475 (small)
india-Royal-Animals-Wall-Clock copyIndia Circus

Quirky and unique, the Royal Animals wall clock (with a plastic body and steel rim) will truly make one realize the value of time, that too in a fun way!
Rs. 1,199
surprise-Cushion with gold cord emroidery on velvet in victorian  motifs by Surprise Home Linen copySurprise Home Linen

This oxblood red and gold velvet cushion from the Vintage collection features Victorian motifs in gold cord.
Rs. 1,250

tfr-rebel copyThe Furniture Republic

Beautifully carved in polyresin with an antique gold finish, the Rebel is a striking figurine for the home.
Rs. 4,900

jaypore-Multi-color Segment Wall Decorative_INR 1650 copyJaypore

This wall decorative is cast in iron and then hand-painted in multiple colours.
Rs. 1,650
sarita_MG_3151 copySarita Handa

The front cushion called Mughal Garden takes inspiration from the flaura and foliage of the Mughal Era while the Alpine All Over Lace cushions in butter yellow and brown is an interpretation of lace patterns. Made from 100 per cent cotton with linen weave, the cushions would look lovely on a neutralcoloured sofa.
Rs. 2,950 (front cushion) Rs. 2,450 (back cushion)
maitland-1743-204 copyInternational Furniture Brands

The pretty brass Elephant Lamp from Maitland Smithhas been mounted on a wooden base with a lampshade in Tiger penshell.
Rs. 3,95,070