Asian Paints launches ColourNext 2013

Asian Paints launched the 10th edition of ColourNext 2013 in the form of five palettes to influence the decor trend of the year ahead. After six months of research conducted by designers and multi-disciplinary experts from across India, the colours predicted for 2013 have been categorized under five broad themes. The first, Gender Blender is a harmony of contrasts achieved by layering different colours to achieve dual-toned surfaces. The colour-wash finish, also a part of this group, has a calm, relaxing effect. The second, Human, ironically draws cues from technology. This scheme includes shades of neon and grey that are softened by fleshy tones such as pink. Taste of Earth, is a combination of earthy tones and textures along with their muted versions. The fourth Pockets of Silence involves a play between soft whites and beiges with deeper, more somber shades of blues and greys. Lastly, Upcycle has sepia tones, old metal and wood finishes reminiscent of objects handed down through generations. These are accented with brighter, glossier shades to complete the idea of a snazzy makeover. The installations to elaborate these palettes were put together by a team of five designers — Mujib Ahmed, Niels Schonfelder, Shimul Javeri Kadri, Dominic Dube and Mozez Singh.


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