Asian Paints and Sideways collaborate with St+Art to create Lunar Dome

To commemorate the Chandrayaan 2 mission and a hat-tip to the scientists at ISRO, Sideways and Asian Paints in collaboration with St+art India Foundation have installed the Lunar Dome at Mumbai’s Nehru Planetarium.

Known for showcasing brilliant space installations and hosting astronomical events, Nehru Planetarium has also set up a gallery for a seamless viewing experience of the Lunar Dome. Artist Sharad, aka Gulammahmad Bukhari, has attempted to capture the colossal moon in all its might. Over 40 years of experience with a universe of techniques and styles at his hands and vision, Sharad has succeeded in giving patrons a glimpse of the moon’s southern hemisphere. Hanif Kureshi, artist and creative director, St+art India Foundation said, “Painter Sharad is one of the very finest spray painters from Rajkot. We invited him to work on this structure as he specialises in creating planets and galaxies. The biggest challenge of the project was to paint a moon on such a space and scale. We had to install over 2,500 bamboos to make the scaffolding to reach the top. Besides, the rain also played a huge part in this challenge.” Additionally, nearly 200l of paint has been used in creating the 25.6m in diameter moon. One of the biggest moon installations created in India, the Lunar Dome has been commendably completed in less than three months.