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Artize launches Tailwater

Jaquar Group-Tailwater by Artize 2 copyArtize, the luxury brand by the Jaquar Group has launched Tailwater which has been conceptualized and designed by the London-based product design consultancy Danelon Meroni, led by Claudia Danelon. Inspired by nature and the elegant fluid lines of contemporary architecture, Tailwater is a striking and iconic piece of bathroom fitting. The product is inspired by the abstract image of a bird, perched on the edge of a pool. The lever and spout are united in a single, friendly form, which is simple and enjoyable to use. The tail acts as a mixer lever, which moves smoothly backwards and to the left and right. When tilted backwards, the tap’s form is transformed into a graceful silver arc, evocative of a mermaid reclining on the shore. Tailwater is crafted in brass and is available in chrome, copper, bronze, matte black and matte white finishes.
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