Waterscapes by Haruka Misawa

NDC150422-00516_03-_800Haruka Misawa, the founder of Misawa Design Institution has explored the unique environmental variation between air and water through a series of 3D printed aqua-sculptures, known as Waterscapes. The designer has created artistic aquariums lined with naturally inspired elements (for fish, turtles, shrimps and aquatic plants to interact with) which were printed using the latest technology. The collection takes inspirational cues from the traditional water gardens and underwater arrangements made popular in Japanese culture with a modern twist. The clever waterscapes feature clean lines and pose an intriguing juxtaposition between the varied elements. Created in coordination with 3D designers Kennichi Hashimoto and Kosho Yamasaki, the aquariums allow land plants to flourish within safely contained air pockets, surrounded by water and living animals. Lattices and other trellis-like accessories fill the empty spaces, reminiscent of naturally occurring coral and flora found in water environments.


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