20 Women shortlisted for arcVision Prize

Elevated sidewalk perspectiveA total of 20 outstanding women in architecture have been shortlisted for the arcVision Prize 2016. The prize aims to give recognition to women whose work brings an innovative new design, theoretical or practical approach to the economic, social and cultural issues at play in the field of architecture. The nominees include Basma Uraiqat Abdallah (Jordan), Ruth Berktold (Germany), Tania Concko (Netherlands), Sara de Giles Dubois (Spain), Dalila Elkerdany (Egypt), Petra Gipp (Sweden), Pat Hanson (Canada), Mao Harada (Japan), Amanda Levete (Great Britain), Mikou Studio – Salwa Mikou/Selma Mikou (France) and Abha Narain Lambah (India). The 2016 edition of the arcVision Prize will be held during the Triennale di Milano’s XXI International Exhibition in Italy.