Keep It Dry

Now you don’t have to wait for the rains to stop to dry your favourite pair of clothes… take your pick from these efficient and hi-tech dryers.

This condenser dryer has the DuoTronic feature which senses humidity in the machine and stops the process once the clothes are perfectly dry. The large drum and a smooth door interior form a cushion of air between the clothes and the drum walls, which reduces frictional impact on the clothes. The activeSteam technology keeps clothes crease-free.

Whirlpool India
This condenser and dryer, distills moisture in clothes into water and pumps them into the water tank. Sensors monitor humidity levels and automatically adjust the drying cycles to prevent over drying. The anti-crease option ensures that your laundry comes out crease free even if it’s not removed from the dryer immediately.
Rs. 59,990

Hafele India
Asko dryers available with Hafele have a 112-litre drum which tumble launders in the figure of an eight, like a pair of butterfly wings, gently, non-stop and in less time, without the clothes bundling. They have robust and easy to use interfaces, with only a jog dial for program selection and a start/stop button.

The 7 serie dryer’s drum wall has an anti-vibration design which prevents the dryer from shaking and shifting, giving you a quiet, vibration-free cycle. The Wool Finish program treats your woolens with great care. With low force and cold water the woolen fabric remains unstretched and unchanged with every drying process.

In the Sensocare generation of tumble dryers, the back wall of the drum features an air ionizer which emits negatively charged ions into the laundry eliminating most allergens and bacteria from the clothes. The Intelligent Sensor IQ technology consists of six sensors which automatically adjust the drying process according to the selected program, laundry type and desired level of dryness.
Rs. 31,000 onward

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