Top Five: Wall tile collections 2018

Presenting five stunning wall tile collections which would easily pass off as wall art.

Anchored by: Deepa Nair
Photographs: Courtesy the brands

Lioli Ceramica
Flora Mosaic from TechnoSlab is a large format porcelain tile. This range is a gentle impersonation of mosaic motifs forming a floral display. While the colour scheme is largely grey, the mosaics in the backdrop break the monotony suited for a quaint wall application. They come in a thickness of 9mm and the designs offered in the series are custom printed on 2400mmx1200mm slabs.

The contemporary composite 3D wall tiles are crafted from the finest materials and come in luxurious finishes. They’re guaranteed to add a splash of style to your home and are available in both neutrals such as white, black, grey and cream, and exotic shades like Papaya, Klein, Carib, Avocado and Curcuma. The six designs in the collection include Glam, Diamant, Bossi, Spark Hexy and Visua.

C Tribhovandas & Co
Topping is a beautiful collection of glass mosaics from Spain-based brand Ezarri Mosaico. This collection combines colours and digitally-printed images and patterns to create small masterpieces. Available in three hues in India — Almonds, Choco Bits and Mochi — they come in 2.5cmx2.5cm size. The patterns (read images) appear randomly in the final installed area creating an awe-inspiring wall.

The brand explores traditional Indian craft techniques with their collection, Armatura. The collection brings together two ancient crafts from India: Bidri, where sheets of silver are inlaid with thin metal strands, and Parchin Kari, where semiprecious stones are inlaid into a stone base. Every piece is made by meticulously embedding brass or stainless steel into natural stone, then honing the two materials until they appear to form a single seamless whole. Metal sheets are carved and inlayed onto the surface of the stone.

Orient Bell
This decorative wall tiles range is offered in two sizes — 300mmx600mm and 300mmx450mm in matte, satin-matte, ceramic and vitrified body applications. With soothing shades and designs comprising of understated florals, fine brocades print, patchwork, linear, geometric and psychedelic patterns; these stylish, beautifully-embellished and high quality tiles cater to all tastes and design aesthetics. Made from Feldspar and clay, the decorative tiles make living areas appear more spacious and modern.