Linen Story

From bright and subtle colours to traditional and geometric prints, choose from these eclectic selection of table linen for your Christmas table. 

Anchored by: Deepa Nair and Manasi Tahalani
Photographs: Courtesy the brands

The Dhiti napkins are a contemporary interpretation of the Moroccan Azilal Berber carpets. They feature geometric patterns screen-printed on 100 per cent linen and handmade rings at the corners.
Rs 1,450

Sarita Handa
Bring a splash of colour to your dining table with these digitally printed cotton napkins. They are available in a variety of designs and hues.
Rs 1,900 to Rs 2,600 (set of six)

The Indigo Lihaaz placemats shwocase ancient maps of the universe transformed into hypnotic circular patterns punctuated with Kutch’s popular hand-embroidered mirror work. They are made from naturally-dyed khadi and feature multi-coloured threadwork.
Rs 2,900 (set of two)

Shades of India
The Orion table runner is made from Kochi net/foil-printed silver assorted fabric. The napkin and tie are made from materials like linen, velvet and silk-cotton in natural colours.
Rs 5,000 onward (Orion table runner), Rs 2,500 (set of six napkins), Rs 500 (for each tie)

Liven up your dining room with the pink hued Zumra printed table cover made from cotton.
Rs 790

Shades of India
This napkin and tie are made from materials like linen, velvet, and a blend of silk and linen, and are available in vivid blue.
Rs 2,500 (set of six napkins), Rs 2,200 (set of six ties)

Bring It Home
Woven from fine quality velvet embellished with gold foil, this table runner will impart your table with a soft feel and a look of timeless elegance.
Rs 1,500

The subtle illustrated landscape print makes the Valley Views table cloth an interesting addition to your table. The yellow napkins evoke travels in Cappadocia, Turkey.
Rs 5,500 (tablecloth), Rs 1,950 (for a set of four napkins)

Displaying fine ikat weaves, the Daksh table runner is made from natural fibres. It is available in two sizes; and red, blue, black hues.
Rs 730 to Rs 1,090

Good Earth
The Kokand Linen Table Cloth is embroidered with lively Suzani-inspired butah motifs. It is an elegant tribute to the rich cultural heritage of Kokand, the city famous for its splendid palace of Khudayar Khan.
Rs 11,500

The brainchild of product designer Jhunjhun Jain, the Kile aur Kahaniyaan series recreates India’s magnificent forts — Hawa Mahal (seen here), Amer Fort, Red Fort — on engraved placemats made from cork.
Rs 1,250

This cotton linen table cloth will bring a burst of colour and character to your table. It is hand-printed with a whimsical scene of hot air balloons floating over fairy chimneys.
Rs 5,500

Bring It Home
This table runner will give a vintage feel to your dining room. It comes with floral detail and Chantilly lace and a linen back for durability.
Rs 1,500

Shades of India
Distressed foiling has been layered on natural jute to create a two-dimensional effect on the Tuscany table runner. It is available in natural-silver/dull wine comes in both gold and silver foil. It is backed by a luxurious mushroom fabric in maroon.
Rs 2,000 to Rs 2,950

Good Earth
The Bagh E Ferdaus Jaali mats and napkins are made from muslin and decorated with block prints of Mughal architectural trellises and leitmotifs of vibrant spring flowers.
Rs 3,200 (for a set of four mats and napkins)

The Rasa range of table linen — comprising napkins, placemats and tea towels — is screen printed by hand and crafted from 100 per cent cotton canvas. Inspired by the decadently diverse and boundless food culture of India, it celebrates a key ingredient — aromatic spices — as the prime design motif.
Rs 1,950 to Rs 3,250

Shades of India
The base fabric of Davis table runner is velvet, which has been layered in cotton and finely cut. The result is a texture that feels as though a soft wind is rippling through it.
Rs 3,950 onward

This set of Classic Chaos table runners and mats is all about classic prints and jacquard inception. The other side showcases stripes and tassel embellishments.
Rs 1,899

The Indigo Vayu runner and napkins showcase beautiful traditional chawal tanka embroidery in geometric patterns influenced by the Moroccan Fez.
Rs 1,650 (for the runner), Rs 1,650 (for a set of four napkins)

Good Earth
Stylized Greek-inspired motifs of trees and clouds decorate the Taxila Silk Brocade Runner. This vibrant table linen has a woven design with a border in multi-coloured stripes, and embellished tassels on the corners.
Rs 12,500

Shades of India
This dramatic Aries table runner is made from heavy linen and celebrates five different versions of the moon. Each has been textured and layered with varying combinations of embroidery and foiling. The napkin and tie come in neutral and peppermint colours and are made from chanderi, velvet and a combination of silk and linen.
Rs 3,950 onward (Aries table runner), Rs 2,500 (for a set of six napkins), Rs 2,200 (for a set of six ties)