Spring Sensation

It’s time to have a love affair with spring… try our five quick-fix ideas that will make your home bloom with the joys of plenty. 


In decor, like poetry, the use of flowery language only enhances a piece. In fact, experts suggest that coming to a flowerless home can be depressing, especially when the outdoors are filled with blossoms in every possible hue. Turning your house into a bloom box is easy; simply let the motif run throughout your decor. Start by looking for floral motifs that match the colours you already have in your home. If you like drama, then contrast the pattern with hues that holler for attention. Those who like to play it safe can break the design scheme with solids colours in neutral tones. The tricky thing really, is to control the urge to go over-the-top. However, for a quick spring makeover, scope the market for floral wallpapers, tiles with blooms, carved furniture, lights that look like flowers and colourful laminates and veneers. Saying it with flowers was never easier.

Wonder Wall

A wall painted in your favourite hue is pretty but prosaic. But wallpapers offer an opportunity to play with a wide palette of colours, textures and patterns. In fact, when it comes to floral wall art, the right wallpaper is the fastest way to turn any space into a lush spring field (it can be installed in a single day in a room of approximately 10 ft x 12 ft.) Available in two materials — paper and fabric — wallpaper lasts anywhere between six to seven years. From retro and vintage designs to abstract and contemporary patterns, there’s plenty to choose from. A word of caution: the floral motif can overpower. So either cover one wall with the wallpaper, or ensure that the furniture is in blocks of solid colours. Brands like Sajavat, Floor & Furnishings, Ego Wall Decor and Elementto have a wide range of wallpapers.

Furniture Fiesta

Years ago, furniture pieces used to be nothing more than items of utility. But modern masterpieces achieve a lot more than that. With daring design innovations and gravity-defying styles opening up the horizon, objects of everyday use have become ones of desire as well. While floral upholstery on furniture is quite popular, of late floral carvings and inlays have come back in vogue. Carved wooden pieces go well with traditional decor, but in its modern avatar, abstract floral design on wood ensures a contemporary look. When it comes to inlays, every furniture piece is a playing field. All sorts of precious stones are used to make designs varying from lotuses to poppies. But if you want your furniture to stand out then purchase one that’s shaped like a flower. Brands like Good Earth, International Furniture Brands and Alchemy have several products like these on offer.

Light It Right

Interior designers, architects and design connoisseurs world over say that a light can make or mar the look of any space. Be it task, ambient or accent lighting, illumination is an important component of what defines the character of your home. The good news is that lights also offer an easy way to brighten up your decor with spring elements. Pick up lamps with pretty blooms complete with leaves and stems; wall brackets with floral patterns etched onto the glass; pendants with crystals blossoms dropping down from the ceiling or chandeliers which look like oversized flowers. That said, if you place a floral chandelier in the living space, don’t go overboard and match it with blossoming wall brackets and lamps. Avoid overcrowding and let the piece speak for itself. In case of lamps and wall brackets, you can place more than one and match it to a pendant, but all three together will look a tad busy. Brands like Lightbox, Vis a Vis and Novo Lighting offer many such bright ideas.
Style Tile

Floral tiles come in many shapes, sizes and styles, leaving you spoilt for choice. Opt for bold ones for a dramatic impact. And achieving this look is fairly simple… just go for big tiles with larger-than-life floral imagery; or get hold of mosaics which, when put together, create an almost theatrical effect. However, if you want to keep it simple yet elegant, use the floral pattern as a highlighter tile. Those whose tastes fall somewhere in between, there’s ample room to experiment. You can alternate floral and solid coloured tiles, use a lightly embossed blooming pattern throughout the wall or better yet, create flower-filled corners in soft subtle shades. While there is no rule in spring decoration, it is a good idea to balance strong patterns with plain surfaces. Most tiles are either porcelain or ceramic… both are long-lasting options, differing in price points. With evolved technology, you can even go for tiles that have anti-allergic and anti-bacterial properties. Brands like Nitco, Somany, FCML, Kajaria and Sicis offer a lot of options to the consumers.

On The Surface

Dampness, peeling paint and dirty, drab walls are the biggest enemies of cheery spring homes. A fast and easy way around this, are decorative laminates and veneers. They are durable, stylish and now available in many hues and patterns. Placed over the wall surface they ensure that any problems that might occur due to water leakage on the wall are a thing of the past. Laminates and veneers are treated and therefore lasts longer than your average paint job. Installing them is also trouble-free; it takes just a day or two to cover the four walls of a room. That’s not all; you can choose the thickness of the laminate as per the size of the space. Be it colourful stripes or flower-filled walls, laminates and veneers offer a speedy solution to dreary interiors. Brands like Greenply offer decorative laminates and veneers.