The Golden Touch

In this bathroom set-up from Bathline Sensations, gold in its boldest most dazzling avatar, takes centre stage. A shimmering vanity with faucets, accessories and a tub to match —  this washroom doubles up as a dramatic showstopper used as much for grooming as for making a style statement.

1. This gold-finished Stand Shaving Mirror with Swarovski from Windisch, Italy can also be used as a make-up mirror;
Rs. 10,000 onward.

2. The easiest way to add gloss and glamour to your bathroom is with gold finish accessories. Featured here is the Deck Mounted Soap Dispenser with Swarovski from Windisch; Rs. 10,000 onward.

3. Another one from Windisch… this cotton jar studded with Swarovski is a surefire way to introduce glitz in the loo;
Rs. 10,000 onward.

4. The golden sheen of brass makes this free-standing bathtub filler with a hand shower from Acquaviva, GmbH stand out; Rs. 57,000 onward.

5. There’s nothing more dramatic than a free standing bathtub placed in the middle of the bath. And when it has a golden glow, it instantly grabs eyeballs. This one made from cast acrylic, with a beautiful dull gold finish outside and a sparkling white finish inside, is from Acquaviva, GmbH. The best part? It goes well with almost any kind of bathroom design;
Rs. 3,05,000 onward.

6. Gold finished tissue paper holder from Windisch goes well with the overall look of the bath. You can opt for a plain version or a Swarovski studded one;
Rs. 18,000 onward.

7. This spiffy spout adds shine and shimmer, to the bathroom. Made from brass, the single lever basin mixer is from Acquaviva, GmbH. Not only does this golden tap look good, it also resists corrosion to quite an extent;
Rs. 25,000 onward.

8. Made from organic ingredients like rose, cinnamon and shea butter, these handmade chemical- free soaps leave your skin supple and hydrated;

9 Want to make your hair shine? Then, get a hold of this Pink Grapefruit Conditioner, made from 100 percent chemical-free organic ingredients such as aloe, pink grapefruit, green tea and activated charcoal;

10. Primp and preen in style with the Giulia Vanity from Nea, Italy. Made from glossy lacquer with gold leaf finish, it has an integrated plate and a glass wash basin in gold;
Rs. 4,90,000 onward.

Unlisted prices are on request. Prices are subject to taxes wherever applicable.