The Bloom Room

The sun has turned the world outside into a riot of colours. Don’t let your indoors stay far behind… tap into flower-power! Taking cues from spring gardens, this living room set-up is abloom with ideas.


1 The fastest way to bring spring indoors is with floral, non-woven wallpaper. Shown here is a powder blue one with a flower motif; Rs 6,946 per roll; FLOOR & FURNISHINGS.

2 Want to make a bold statement? Drape your furniture with this 100 per cent linen throw with large floral prints; Rs 10,042 per m; FLOOR & FURNISHINGS.

3 Use these colour-drenched cardboard boxes to stack, stash and store anything you fancy; Rs 100 to Rs 600; ART PAPYRUS.

4 Complementing the theme of the room, this green and beige cotton and wool blend carpet, called Charlottenbrg Chartreuse, is perfect for this space; Rs 14,508 (4 ft x 6 ft), Rs 24,180 (5 ft x 7 ft); FLOOR & FURNISHINGS.

5 Made from poly silk, this small pot filled with hydrangea and a rose makes the room look fresh and inviting; Rs 1,620 (for a pair); APARTMENT 9.

6 Brighten up any space with this copper and glass votive; Rs 450 (each); APARTMENT 9.

7 Called Ellya Creme, these handmade ceramic flowers enrich the theme; Rs 900 (each);

8 Break away from the monotony of blooms with Castellani Forest, the viscose and polyester blend seat fabric, and Morisset Chalk, a viscose, linen, polyester and cotton blend body and frame fabric; Rs 11,108 per m (seat fabric), Rs 10,313 per m (body and frame); FLOOR & FURNISHINGS.

9 A lone flower creates a dramatic impact on this silk cushion cover called Pavonia Cobalt;

10 Serve up savoury drinks in these tinted wine glasses; Rs 360 (each); APARTMENT 9.

11 A stylish wooden serving tray with a hand-painted tile base; Rs 7,500; INV HOME.

12 Clad in a viscose-polyester Castellani Violet fabric, this pouffe gives a breather from floral prints used in this setting; Rs 11,108 per m; FLOOR & FURNISHINGS.

13 These wine and red daisies in poly silk will never wilt; Rs 705 (each); APARTMENT 9.

14 A cheery poly silk pouch featuring embroidered flowers; Rs 395; ART PAPYRUS.

15 Giving new meaning to the term ‘basket case’, this tiny blue bassinet with pretty flowers is made using cardboard covered with cotton fabric; Rs 275ART PAPYRUS.

16 Looking for style and substance? Get a hold of these poly silk cushions with rose and poppy motifs; Rs 1,700 to Rs 1,950 (each); ISHATVAM.

17 Give tradition a twist with this metallic bird cage lamp that can be placed on the floor or a table top; Rs 9,800; INV HOME.

18 These poly silk white rose towers bestow the room with classic chic; Rs 1,700 (each);

19 When saying it with flowers, how can we forget the vase? This painted porcelain beauty is an ideal addition to the setting; Rs 7,400; INV HOME.

20 When Shakespeare said, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” he hadn’t come across the version made from beads that makes for an interesting bottle stopper; Rs 595;

21 Cute, chic and creative, this wine bottle accessory made from beads and wire can quickly add colour and character to your bar setting; Rs 549; ART PAPYRUS.


Unlisted prices are on request. Prices will be subject to taxes wherever applicable.