That’s enter-tea-ment!

Have an intimate tea party outdoors with delicious finger food and a big helping of style.


1 This clear-glass tumbler with a swirl of red around its circumference, holds a pretty little flower arrangement; Rs 2,160; APARTMENT 9.
2 Like its bigger companion, this ceramic plate is perfect for a quick bite: Rs 1,080; APARTMENT 9.
3 Load up on the goodies with a large dark green ceramic plate; Rs 1,170; APARTMENT 9.
4 A napkin in a solid green hue; Rs 230; FABINDIA.
5 This white non-woven disposable napkin with a delicate print is too pretty to throw away; Rs 290; FABINDIA.
6 Give your table setting a touch of drama. A set of horse-head steel cutlery could be just what you need; Rs 1,620 (set of four); APARTMENT 9.

7 Sandwiches? Make a beeline for this ivory-hued flat bowl that stands as a bread platter; Rs 560; FABINDIA.

8 Any time is a good time for a good cuppa. This moss green tea set includes a sugar bowl, milk jug, four kular-style cups and a teapot; Rs 1,830; FABINDIA.

9 An orange and grey outdoor lamp from Flos will stand in good stead if tea time runs into a moonlight dinner; VIS A VIS.
10 The Re-Trouve Table has a top made of a solid sheet of metal. Hot-dipped pre-galvanized rods curled up to form a row of diamond shapes make up the base; VIS A VIS.
11 The highlight of this table setting is really the colourful high-back and mid-back chairs made from iron rods; VIS A VIS.

12 A ceramic water jug in rich scarlet lends a touch of class; Rs 890; MORA TAARA.
13 This sturdy and sleek tray features a digitally printed kite collage in vibrant and bright colours; Rs 800; THE BOMBAY STORE.

14 Your hot drink will taste just a little better in these sturdy ceramic tea cups and saucers; Rs 230 (for a cup and saucer); FABINDIA.
15 Pile snacks into these dimunitive white bowls; Rs 230; FABINDIA.

16 This glaze-finished ceramic lantern in a happy shade of green fits right in with the outdoors. The Citronel Pillar candle it holds inside, is green too; Rs 6,300 (lantern); Rs 395 (candle); APARTMENT 9.
17 Capture some sunshine in these glass tea light holders from Bianca; Rs 415 (set of three)THE BOMBAY STORE.

18 The heaven planter from Italian brand EMU is made from powder-coated steel; VIS A VIS.

Unlisted prices are on request. Prices will be subject to taxes wherever applicable.