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When on a tight purse string, think out-of-the-box! Colourful crockery, fashionable furniture, magical mirrors and pretty pendants make this dining room setting easy on the eye and the wallet.

1 & 2 They may be synthetic but the pink lilies and blossoms add freshness to the decor; Rs 550 per stem (lilies); HOME TOWN; Rs 125 per stem (blossoms); PURE HOME + LIVING.
3 Place sweet smelling flowers or fresh fruits in this metal wire bowl that doubles up as the centerpiece on the table; Rs 980; PURE HOME + LIVING.

4 Jazz up your dining table with these pastel yellow serviettes and ivory napkin rings from Bianca; Rs 865 (set of six rings and napkins); HOME TOWN.


5 Small in size, big on style, these pink and yellow votives with a metal frame and glass holder look great anywhere; Rs 99 (each); HOME TOWN.
6 A stylish candle in sunny yellow; Rs 480; PURE HOME + LIVING.
7 Keep your rotis warm in this bread basket from Swayam featuring cotton fabric-encased cane; Rs 250HOME TOWN.
Fill chilled water or tasty sherbets in these colourful and creative glass bottles; Rs 159 (each); WESTSIDE.
Add soothing hues to the room with synthetic flowers in a ceramic pot from Ivy; Rs 399 (each); HOME STOP.
Cute cups made from fine bone china with a floral motif sit pretty on the kitchen cabinet shelf; Rs 1,999 (12 pieces)HOME STOP.
This kitchen stand made from engineered wood has a lot of storage space; Rs 12,999; HOME TOWN.


12 A Morrocan Antique lantern made from nickel and amber adds a sense of whimsy to the space; Rs 2,350; PURE HOME + LIVING.


13 Looking for mirror magic? Place these mirrors with a rubber wood frame on the wall at different heights and change the look of the room by rearranging them; Rs 4,500 (for five mirrors); HOME TOWN.


14 Soft hints of beige grace this Grecian cutlery set of forks, spoons, serving spoons and knives; Rs 2,150 (24 pieces); PURE HOME + LIVING.
15 Add happy hues in the room with this butterfly motif cotton runner; Rs 799; HOME STOP.
16 For a cheap but cute solution, simply use this white metallic votive as a cutlery holder. Also available in pink; Rs 125 (each); HOME TOWN.


17 Place this colourful cotton runner inspired by traditional phulkari work on top of the trolley to add happy hues and ensure that furniture suffers from less wear and tear; Rs 1,199; HOME STOP.
18 Even though this metallic yellow jug from Green Somethings is meant for the outdoors, it also works well as a serving jug; Rs 550; HOME TOWN.


19 Dine at this tasteful and trendy solid rubber wood and micro fibre six-seater dining table and chairs; Rs 15,999; HOME TOWN.
20 Serve your guests delicious treats in this wooden tray that has jute handles; Rs 499; WESTSIDE.
21 Mix and match your cups for a bold statement. Here a floral motif ties them together; Rs 129 (each); WESTSIDE.


22 Do away with that expensive chandelier above the dining table and hang three of these pink paper globe pendant lights from the ceiling instead; Rs 89 (each); HOME TOWN.


23 This purple flower-shaped silicon trivet from Umbra is a chic addition to your dining table; Rs 999; HOME STOP.


24 Drink your morning cuppa from these simple but elegant ceramic mugs in bright colours; Rs 150 (each); PURE HOME + LIVING.
25 Hang pretty mugs from their handles on this acacia wood holder; Rs 299; WESTSIDE.


26 It’s a crime to eat off plates as pretty as these! Buy this pink bordered Servewell melamine dinner set and dine in style; Rs 2,999 (38 pieces); HOME TOWN.


27 An inexpensive alternative to wall art is buying canvases and covering them with wall paper. If you are too lazy for a DIY project simply buy these floral wallpaper canvases and hang them on your wall; Rs 845 (set of three); HOME TOWN.
28 Fresh-looking synthetic flowers; Rs 550 onward (per stalk); HOME TOWN.
29 With lots of storage space and wheels this engineered wood kitchen trolley comes very handy; Rs 8,999; HOME TOWN.
30 A multi-purpose rayon weave laundry basket; Rs 749 onwards; HOME TOWN.

Unlisted prices are on request. Prices will be subject to taxes wherever applicable.