Song of the Soil

Giving a new spin to green living, the humble jute turns chic and classy in this easy-going drawing room setting.

1 Instead of buying synthetic blooms, get these gold-painted dried hydrangea flowers. Unlike their fresh counterparts, these ones will never wilt; 450 (per stalk); BOUGAINVILLA DESIGN.

2 Made from recycled paper, these boxes can be used to store knick-knacks; 157 (big),  110 (small); DASTKARI HAAT.

3 Crafted from discarded paper, this recycled table mat not only looks great, but also does its bit for Mother Earth;  810 (each); FCML HOME.

4 This photo-frame stands out thanks to the handmade, mulberry roses made of recycled paper that circle it; 950 (each); BOUGAINVILLA DESIGN.

5 This jute candle-holder evokes a rustic, rugged charm;  4,050; FCML.

6 Colourful and light weight, this hand-woven cane basket goes well with almost any kind of decor;  430; FABINDIA.

7 The base fabric of these Flower Bed cushion covers is Mangalagiri cotton with a tissue applique motif. Easy to maintain, they add colour and character to the living room; 760 (each); FABINDIA.

8 Create a bright and breezy environment with this printed Medley Bolster cover made from cotton; 290 (each); FABINDIA.

9 Called the Bori Sofa, the jute sack is given a facelift by product designer Gunjan Gupta who turned it into a stylish seat. It is upholstered in a blended fabric made of jute and linen; WRAP ART & DESIGN.

10 The Bori Throne has a high backrest that has been constructed from jute sacks tied together. The bottom half has a metal frame and a foam seat; WRAP ART & DESIGN.

11 Next time you throw old beer bottles in the bin, think again. Just take a tip or two from the artisans who made beautiful accent pieces out of trash by doing patachitra paintings on them; 936 to 1,092; DASTKARI HAAT.

12 Don’t be fooled by the size of this small stool… it has many uses: a comfortable seater, a side table to hold your drinks, and an ottoman when you want to put your feet up. The seat is made from hemp, while the legs have been constructed from mango wood; 2,300; FABINDIA.

13 This old school jute rug is pretty and understated; 3,000 to 3,500; FABINDIA.

14 and 15 If you want casual-chic seating, then floor cushions are what you’re looking for. Featured here are Rizwan cushion covers made from 100 per cent cotton; 190 (each); FABINDIA.

16 Going well with the eco-friendly theme is this woven banana fibre Adeep Border Dhurrie; 1,380; FABINDIA.

17 Jute rope entwined around a black wooden frame gives this Cylindrical Candle Holder an interesting look; 5,515; FCML.

18 Shaped like stars and the moon, made from natural fibre, these enchanting string lights will brighten up both your mood and the decor; 690; FABINDIA.

19 Pink and orange clash with a vibrant vengeance in this Khoj Table Cover that moonlights as a throw in this setting. Made from cotton, a rib weave has been used to embellish it; 860; FABINDIA.

20 Get a hold of this Utility Basket woven in Jute and stack, stash, and store anything that catches your fancy. It is also available in yellow and green; 830; FABINDIA.

21 Like wine, the passage of time has only made this reclaimed wood sculptural piece more beautiful; 4,505; FCML.

22 This red bamboo bird cage makes for an excellent conversation-starter; 3,565; FCML.

23 Recycle and reuse seems to be the mantra behind this Tin Clock. Made from the top half of a soda can and the cap of a cold drink bottle, it is a quirky but clever addition to a home; 1,650; BOUGAINVILLA DESIGN.


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