Shine On

A fresh little blue-and-green themed corner manages to keep things cosy with a wash of daylight and the warm glow from a magnificent floor lamp.


1 These dramatically tinted water glasses sport a fine tracery; TRANCEFORME.
2 This slender, coloured glass carafe will make sure you always stay hydrated; TRANCEFORME.
3 A surprisingly lightweight fibre-board bowl with a glowing mother-of-pearl finish catches the lamplight in a very becoming fashion; Rs 12,720; FUSION ACCESS.
4 This elegant slatted table from the Atlantis Collection is made from aluminium and nowood, a material comprising mineral reinforced thermoplastic and vegetable fibres; VIS A VIS.


5 This magazine rack is made from lengths of cane twisted into a cradle-like form; ABACA.


6 A large ivory-hued ceramic starfish sports a luxurious glazed finish over a deliberately rough surface; Rs 2,400 (each);


7 The Collage, a lamp from Louis Paulsen, has a tri-layered shade crafted from pieces of laser-cut, glossy extruded acrylic; VIS A VIS.
8 Put your feet up and relax. This hand woven rope cord pouffe with its sturdy structure of stress-resistant expanded polyurethane, is the last word in comfort; VIS A VIS.
9 A delicate looking poly-cotton cushion in cool blue; Rs 1,700; AA LIVING.
10 Bring this bright steel outdoor seat from the Ivy Collection, Italy indoors. It’s too pretty to be left outside; VIS A VIS
11 Don’t be afraid to mix warm colours with cool ones. A thick Hook rug is just the thing this primarily cool setting needs; Rs 12,900; AA LIVING.


12 A pair of mint-coloured candle-holders complement each other perfectly; Rs 9,700; LE MILL.
13 Fresh flowers in the tall ocean green- tinted Diva Vase will instantly bring the outdoors in; Rs 3,725; TRANCEFORME.


14 In restful hues of green and blue, this photograph of a beat up bicycle against a wall sits pretty in a large metal frame;
Rs 4,500; ATTIC.


15 The sky blue tones of this photograph complete this cosy corner setting; Rs 4,500; ATTIC.

Unlisted prices are on request. Prices will be subject to taxes wherever applicable.