Rythhm In Response

Pure, pristine, and always chic, you simply can’t go wrong with white. Add Buddha heads,diffusers and pretty votives to the mix and you have the perfect recipe for relaxation. In this corner by the pool, it creates an ideal environment to unwind.

1 Ask any designer and he will tell you that all whites are not equal. Warm whites instill comfort and calm, while cool whites symbolize crispness and clarity. These synthetic Phalaenopsis flowers fall in the latter category. And they are absolutely perfect for a minimalistic room; ₹ 5,178 (per stem); FCML.

2 These contemplative resin Buddha heads give the space a serene appeal; ₹ 2,070 (small), ₹ 2,880 (large); APARTMENT 9.

3 These floating synthetic water lilies look pretty and add a peaceful vibe to the space; ₹ 1,050 (per stem); FCML.

4 Sink into this Clover Ivory pillow sham that comes with a bed cover. Made from 100 per cent cotton slub, it has een hand and machine embroidered; ₹ 24,000 (for the set); SARITA HANDA.

5 Stylish and very comfortable, the hand-embroidered Fluer Ivory cushion has been made from 100 per cent cotton slub; ₹ 4,150; SARITA HANDA.

6 What looks snazzy and smells divine? A diffuser, of course! Featured here is an elegant white one made from ceramic that will soothe your nerves; ₹ 2,520; APARTMENT 9.

7 There’s something about candles that give even the dullest corner a chic glow. In this setting the cream Pillar candle creates a quiescent atmosphere; ₹ 100 (each); RENOVATION FACTORY.

8 Shaped like an open flower the Olson Floran Votive is made from moulded glass and makes for a beautiful accessory; ₹ 1,750; RENOVATION FACTORY.

9 Whether you use it to place tea lights or to keep diffusers, this slim and sleek sandstone tray instantly ups the style quotient; ₹ 800; APARTMENT 9.

10 Giving this restful corner a Zen-like appeal is the ceramic Angkor Wat Monk in white; 2,840; FCML

11 Inspired by nature, the Bird Ivory cushions have been hand embroidered, and are made using 100 per cent cotton slub; 3,000 each; SARITA HANDA.

Prices are subject to taxes wherever applicable.