Out and About

In this bright and breezy composition, we turn the great outdoors into a space where you can relax, unwind, sip your favourite poison and have a great time.

1 Gulp down shots in the Taurus Vodka set that comes with six glass test tubes and a large glass bowl; Rs 7,875; FCML.
2 Called Presentation Plate, this colourful rubber creation can be used as a trivet or a table mat; Rs 2,755 (set of two); FCML.
3 Use them for mocktails or cocktails, these Helsinki glasses are heady additions to your bar; Rs 187 (each); FCML.
4 If you like it stirred and not shaken, then get hold of these fun cocktail stirrers surmounted by flowers; Rs 700 (each); FCML.

5 Inspired by nature, these bottle stoppers will add whimsy to your wine; Rs 880 (each); FCML.
6 The Marea Bottle Rack is a stylish way to display your wine; Rs 6,840; FCML.

7 No watering hole is complete without cool tools. Featured here is a Winer Tools Set; Rs 2,185; FCML.

8 Titled Bloom Flower, this metallic t-light-holder in dull gold finish will make your decor sparkle; Rs 1,090; ADDRESS HOME.

9 Instead of using t-lights, brighten up the outdoors with these battery-operated LED candles that come with a rechargeable plate; Rs 40,730 (set of 12 with charging plate); FCML.
10 Infuse your get-together with a dash of colour… use the Irish Glass votive that has abstract print on it; Rs 3,190 (set of six); ADDRESS HOME.
11 Glass and copper come together to create this pretty votive; Rs 395 (each); FCML.

12 Complementing the verdant vista, these wine glasses with a long green stem blend in perfectly; Rs 231 (each); FCML.
13 Avoid spillage with the Elxir Decanter that comes with a plexiglass support; Rs 3,365; FCML.

14 The Lazy Suzan swing chair from Philippines is woven in Virofiber and has a three-year guarantee against cracking, peeling and fading. The fabric of the pale-yellow cushion on the swing is water-repellent; Rs 45,000; WORLD BAZAAR.
15 This silk cushion with applique work and a floral motif complements the surroundings; Rs 1,700 (per cushion cover), Rs 250 (per filler); ISHATVAM.
16 Made of fibre glass, this product from Belgium can be used as a planter as well as a beverage cooler; Rs 25,000; WORLD BAZAAR.
17 A couple of synthetic dark red and fuchsia dahlias for a soft, feminine feel; Rs 495 (each); FCML.
18 These violet wine glasses look chic and classy; Rs 7,090 (set of six); ADDRESS HOME.
19 A mirror-leather tray, inspired by traditional jaali work; Rs 2,600; ADDRESS HOME.
20 Resin and stone make this sturdy Lotus Tea Light Holder ideal for the outdoors; Rs 2,250; ISHATVAM.
21 Crafted specially for the outdoors, these cushions are made from 100 per cent sol dyed acrylic; Rs 3,295 to Rs 6195 per mt; F&F.

22 Powder-coated aluminium makes these white stools from Belgium resistant to rust. They come with a three-year warranty; Rs 9,500; WORLD BAZAAR.
23 The Tamarind Bar Table from Bali has been made from one piece of wood. It sits on two stumps of tamarind trees; Rs 2,50,000; WORLD BAZAAR.

24 Made from a mix of fibre and reinforced concrete, the tin-lined Saveri planters come in different sizes and are available in three hues: ivory, cement grey and petrol blue; Rs 19,000 (large), Rs 16,000 (medium), Rs 12,000 (small); WORLD BAZAAR.

25 Part of a range called BAG, the lounger (with a frame of powder-coated aluminium) and pouffe are essentially bean bags covered in waterproof and UV-treated canvas; Rs 15,000 (pouffe), Rs 32,000 (lounger); WORLD BAZAAR.

Unlisted prices are on request. Prices will be subject to taxes wherever applicable.