Neon Nuances

Bring out a rainbow of bright and vibrant hues this Diwali, says interior designer Raseel Gujral Ansal, in a living room set up where she enlivens, enchants, and adds an element of whimsy. With products handpicked from her lifestyle brand Casa Paradox, Raseel makes a design statement that’s bold, inviting and unapologetically festive.

“As fashion, design and decor undergo a transition with the onslaught of a new season; in a premature celebration of sorts, during the Indian festive season, both indoor-outdoor design and decor accents must be modified to ensure a celebratory decor. New colours, new imagery and trends, for me, don’t emerge seasonally and I don’t attempt to do seasonal collections, but then, the trend of the moment in my opinion are original graphics that can be translated onto a variety of materials. It could be tiles, textiles, murals etc depending on the application. Further, they can be interpreted onto topical furniture that combine French, British and Indian influences and is representative of inlays in onyx, jaali-work and mirror framing, and incorporate the neo classical elements. The mood of this trend is a buoyant, young and effervescent graphic-rich India. It is a radically new direction for graphics to be represented on furniture — it can take the four-dimensional forms in sculptures, or be a topical piece that you incorporate into your home. When decorating your home, the pieces of furniture should transcend into works of art, to be appreciated for years to come.

Festive decor is all about finding the right balance between enjoyment, relaxation, and liveable interiors. Traditional motifs and neo-classical details are lavishly ornate, and are at once, iconic and covetable. In order to get an Indian flavour to a decor, one doesn’t necessarily have to pick up ethnic items. Colour, whether soft, absent or loud makes up for it as it is always a very prominent trend with design. It is the oxygen you breathe; it can change the way you feel. So, it is crucial to bring in the right combination of hues. Fuchsia is the navy blue of India. So combine all high-energy colours, whether it is green, yellow or chilli red… it is really their intensity and how they clash and harmonize, which would create that magic. Think colour first and then pattern.

Our decor is packed with youthful energy, complemented with free movement of varying forms, prints and vibrant colours that amalgamate into one’s personality. Consider buying a painting or wall decor that you love the look and feel of. Not only does this make an impact, it’s also adaptable and transitional between seasons. Similarly, the use of a bright topical furniture piece here is a definite conversation starter in itself and can be made festival-ready by using decorative throws and pillows. Bring in floor cushions, lanterns and lighting… it is more about creating an Indian mood rather than an Indian caricature.

My design philosophy emphasizes a refined use of art, magnificent objects, patterns, strong silhouettes, textures and a sophisticated colour palette that is balanced to provide an original signature.”


1 These pendant lights from Tom Dixon, made of hand-beaten brass with a black matte finish, contrast well with the profusion of colour in the setting; Rs. 20,462 (small), Rs. 61,390 (big).

2 Majestic in appeal, these larger-than-life (5.5 ft x 8 ft print on canvas) horses from the Illustrati collection called Monsoon Wedding draw your attention with their aqua, emerald and lavender hues; Rs. 2,00,000.

3 With a pink seater and a black-and-white striped backrest, the Drama Chaise forms the focal point of the room. The piece has been made using lacquered wood, with suede and velvet; Rs. 1,50,000 onward.

4 Let your living room reverberate with the drama of black and white with this white-lacquer and black glass-top Drum Centre Table; Rs. 2,50,000 onward.

5, 6, 7 & 8 Graphics and colours come together in these print-on-satin silk cushions, which are part of the Illustrati collection; Rs. 3,500 (each).

9 There’s something so pristine yet attractive about crystal… it sets this tall candle stand apart in this vivid set-up; Rs. 20,000.

10 Horned handles and a stainless steel body form this stylish tray on which the stylist has placed props like a remote control LED candle, a synthetic white flower, a plastic gold ball and the Tiara photoframe; Rs. 5,000 onward (tray).

11 Graphic prints on these satin-silk cushions make a bold statement in the living room. Featured here are Botanicals and Monsoon Wedding prints; Rs. 3,500 (each).

12 When doing up your living space, look for unusual yet pretty elements. Like these escargot (an edible snail) and oyster shells in gold, silver and pink; Rs. 4,000 (each) onward.

13 This pink shaggy carpet adds softness and warmth to the space; Rs. 90,000.

14 This rabbit-fur throw adds character to the space and also keeps you warm during cold nights; Rs. 2,00,000.

15 Borrowing its colour scheme from a zebra, the Paloma Chairs — made from lacquered wood with black-and-white suede, and black patent leather — look great in almost any setting; Rs. 1,20,000 (each).

16 Lights are integral to a festive set-up. These ceramic Candelabrum lamps add drama and illuminate the indoors; Rs. 80,000 (each).

17 The Lola Ottoman is made from a plush velvet upholstery and is embedded with metallic studs to add to the already gorgeous look. This comfortable seating is part of the Indophile collection; Rs. 50,000 onward.

18 The beauty of black is that it enhances all the colours in the room, which is why this circular, velvet ottoman with metallic studs goes well with the hue-heavy setting; Rs. 50,000 onward.

19 Accessories are the heart and soul of a living room design. Featured here are oyster shells (made from fibre with gold and silver coating) that look enchanting; Rs. 7,000 onward.

20 Add gloss and glamour to any drab corner of your house with the Tiara photo frame. This beauty is crafted in metal and is embellished with glittering crystals to add more drama; Rs. 2,500 onward.

21 In keeping with the vibrant theme, the lacquered wood Silhoucce Side Tables in neon yellow were handpicked to impart more cheer to the entire setting; Rs. 80,000 onward.

22 Made of acrylic flowers, the Black Rose Ball is an interesting addition to the room; Rs. 5,000.

 Prices are subject to taxes wherever applicable.