Home Work

Turning that spare room into a home office has many benefits — you can work in pajamas and suit up for meetings without taking a step out of your door. In this set-up we feature a serious-yet-whimsical space, perfect for a working woman.

1 These red and orange acrylic pots can be used as glasses or pen stands; Rs 450 (each); PYLONES @ TAABIR.
2 Fun and fantastic, large rubber flower pens are a joy to write with; Rs 350 (each); PYLONES @ TAABIR.
3 Do the math with ease using this blue, rubber Soft Touch Calculator; Rs 695; CMYK BOOKSTORE.


4 Take accurate measurements with this 3D plastic bulb ruler; Rs 590; PYLONES @ TAABIR.

5 Made from compressed pinewood, the sturdy Setis Coffee Table features an 18 mm thick glass plate (shelf); Rs 35,000; EBONY GAUTIER.
6 This polyester and cotton carpet is made using the hand-knotting technique; Rs 14,625; EBONY GAUTIER.


7 Keep this colourful scribble pad from The Paper Store handy to jot down your ideas; Rs 250; BOOKWISE.
8 Place books and files in these pentagonal, pinewood Setis Book Cases; Rs 17,500; EBONY GAUTIER.
9 Take a break from work and sip some aromatic coffee from these bright orange and white ceramic cups; Rs 750 (each); PYLONES @ TAABIR.
10 Set the right mood with this flower motif metal t-light; Rs 1,999; EBONY GAUTIER.
11 Infuse your space with fragrance by placing sweet smelling potpourri in this stylish metallic bowl; Rs 300; EBONY GAUTIER.
12 This whacky acrylic fluorescent frame adds a sense of fun to the room; Rs 690; PYLONES @TAABIR.
13 Catch forty winks by slipping on this yellow eye mask called Nasheeli Ankhen; Rs 395; PLAY CLAN.
14 Add vibrant hues to your indoors with the metal Mini Round Frame that comes with a magnetic strip; Rs 1,250; PYLONES @ TAABIR.
15 The orange rabbit Money Clip from The Paper Store can be used to keep important notes safe; Rs 195; BOOKWISE.
16 Keep your office supplies like pins and clips in this round box; Rs 995 (each); CMYK BOOKSTORE.
17 The Frog Tape Dispenser is an interesting addition to the otherwise serious space; Rs 890; PYLONES @ TAABIR.
18 Get all your calculations right with this white calculator from The Paper Store; Rs 695; BOOKWISE.
19 The silicone Hand Trivet can be used as a paper weight as well; Rs 1,090; PYLONES @ TAABIR.


20 Resplendent red tray with a wooden frame and handmade paper base from The Paper Store; Rs 855; BOOKWISE.


21 The Wave Jute Headboard has been creatively used as an interesting wall accent and a softboard; Rs 24,500; EBONY GAUTIER.
22 Bubble-design, pink silk cushion from Onset goes well with the chocolate single seater; Rs 1,050; EBONY GAUTIER.


23 The stylish pinewood Setis Office Desk has an 18-mm-thick glass base; Rs 35,000; EBONY GAUTIER.
24 The black and white prints of pebbles and stones evoke a Zen-like calm; Rs 6,500 (set of four); EBONY GAUTIER.
25 Sit pretty on the Adulis Chair made from solid wood and E1 particle board frame. Interestingly, the chair has a fire retardant PVC coating on it; Rs 11,000; EBONY GAUTIER.


26 Want to do away with buying fresh flowers? Then get these Birds of Paradise, which, though synthetic, look like the real deal; Rs 245 each; EBONY GAUTIER.
27 An orange clear glass vase is perfect for placing some blooms in it; Rs 1,495; EBONY GAUTIER.


28 Let this steel floor lamp shed light on important documents; Rs 12,999; EBONY GAUTIER.
29 The Chili with Pouf offers a comfortable seat to relax and unwind besides adding colour to your space; Rs 60,000;


30 Add a touch of whimsy to your daily routine with these colourful, metal butterfly clips; Rs 690 (each); PYLONES @ TAABIR.
31 The piece de resistance is this white porcelain Spring Fan with golden highlights; Rs 24,100; LLADRO.
32 Use this rexin desk tray called People Animal to keep clips, pins and pens; Rs 745; PLAY CLAN.
33 Test your writing skills with an acrylic sunflower pen; Rs 350; PYLONES @ TAABIR.


34 Ikat-inspired pure silk cushion from Onset; Rs 1,386; EBONY GAUTIER.
35 A deep red silk cushion from Onset; Rs 1,451; EBONY GAUTIER.
36 The solid beach wood Lugano Sofa (comprising a three-seater and two single-seaters) is perfect for meetings and entertaining clients; Rs 2,90,000; EBONY GAUTIER.


37 Want the world at your fingertips? Then this small, stainless steel globe is just the thing for you; Rs 3,595; EBONY GAUTIER.
38 The wooden memo clip is ideal for reminders and to-do lists; Rs 799; CMYK BOOKSTORE.
39 Stop papers from flying away by placing them under this stone Gemini Paper Weight from The Paper Store; Rs 75 (each); BOOKWISE.
40 The canvas-cotton mix Triangular Case can be used to store knick-knacks; Rs 995; PLAY CLAN.
41 Though it looks like leather, this folder has been crafted out of handmade paper from The Paper Store; Rs 196.50; BOOKWISE.
42 Listen to your favourite tunes on this white flower motif, acrylic radio FM; Rs 3,690; PYLONES @TAABIR.


43 Soothe work-related stress and tension with this porcelain beauty called Angel Praying by sculptor Fulgencio Garcia; Rs 8,000; LLADRO.
44 Write down important numbers in these notepads featuring vivid motifs; Rs 295 to Rs 450 (each); PLAY CLAN.
45 Make the ‘write’ choice with this bright orange pen that comes with a holder; Rs 695; CMYK BOOKSTORE.
46 Keep your cool with this small metallic table fan; Rs 2,600; EBONY GAUTIER.
47 For to-do lists and other important notes use this acrylic memo clip; Rs 290; PYLONES @ TAABIR.
48 Take a break and sip some chai in this ceramic cup and metal saucer; Rs 860 (each); EBONY GAUTIER.
49 Use the plastic Deco Box Mumbai to store all your pens, pencils and erasers; Rs 395; PLAY CLAN.
50 This acrylic orchid pen is both fun and functional; Rs 350; PYLONES @ TAABIR.
51 Jot down quick notes in this long journal called Old Delhi; Rs 225; PLAY CLAN.


52 These beautiful red chopsticks look good enough to be displayed too; Rs 995; CMYK BOOKSTORE.
53 This Gin Plate rubber bowl has a detailed design and pretty patterns; Rs 1,995; CMKY BOOKSTORE.

Prices will be subject to taxes wherever applicable.