Fusion Fare

Geometric patterns, vibrant colours, textured surfaces and tropical motifs — in this living room setting Good Earth’s Ambika Jain maps the top trends of the year and creates drama that is both enchanting and thrilling.

As a new year begins, designers, architects and connoisseurs of decor are forced to return to the drawing board and rethink the way they see everyday objects. Colours, patterns, motifs, styles… a quick list is drawn for the season’s trends. Anyone who is familiar with Good Earth knows that they shy away from trend forecasts and develop their own eclectic design language instead. So, getting them on board for this issue’s Techniques was very exciting. It resulted in the marriage between timeless style and current decor trends. With global leader of colour, Pantone, predicting radiant orchid as the colour of 2014, Ambika Jain, head of product development from Good Earth was asked to use the hue in an interesting way and contrast it with AkzoNobel’s colour of the year, teal. To this melting pot of colour we added two more trends — tropical motifs and textured surfaces — both to be seen in abundance in the year ahead. What followed was magic… a living room that’s luxurious, colour-rich and charming, interspaced with textured accessories and floral patterns.

Using furnishings from the Ratnakara collection, which means gems of the Indian Ocean, Ambika created an eclectic tropical paradise, highlighted by bold and bright colours. She used a teal sofa to connect with the jaali of the wallpaper and off-set the shades of orchid in the stripes of the Mitch Crites dhurrie. The botanical-patterned chairs create a graphic impact in the tropical-themed room, while the Ibah flamingo cushions add whimsy with a yin and yang design dimension (one represents a male and the other, a female). The lanterns add focal points for mood lighting and also reflect beautiful patterns on the walls. Taking the tropical theme to another level is the wall art that features vintage images of women from Ceylon, with borders that coordinate well with the wallpaper.

Adding texture and highlighting sustainable luxury are the Gudris that can be seen draped around the sofa and on some cushions. The diversity of fabrics in dupion silk, organic cotton, brocade and silk velvet in hand-block, kalamkari and digital photography create a rich and unique tapestry of design history. The aqua cabinet visually breaks the patterns of the textiles and acts as a bar. Our favourite motif in the setting is the big tropical flowers that can be seen on the cushions, the chair base, the vase and the hand-decorated Serendib tea set.

Ambika’s idea was to create an eclectic mix of textures and techniques that sit comfortably together and naturally evoke the warmth of living with designs collected over a lifetime from around the world. This according to her is a true showcase of what we will see in the year 2014. We couldn’t agree more.

   This teal, painted brass piece called Nilofer Lights has been used as a vase to highlight Pantone’s radiant orchid hue through fresh flowers. It also doubles up as a candle or fairy lights holder;  1,800 (small), 2,500 (big).

2    Pretty floral motifs on the hand-decorated Serendib tea set in fine bone china go well with the tropical theme of the space; Cup and saucer square:  6,800 (set of six).

3    Mirrored surfaces add an illusion of space and create drama. Called Veneziano Coffee Table it is made from wood covered with mirrors;  85,000.

4    Good Earth interpreted the tropical theme by showcasing artworks called Ancient Postcards of Women from the tropical belt of the subcontinent. The images in sepia and black and white, contrast well with the golden frames as well as the patterned pink-purple borders;  35,000 to 75,000 (depending on the piece).

5    Tying the space together the teal Milano Sofa (three-seater) is made from mango wood and is upholstered in linen; 58,000.

6    Adding texture and doing its bit for Mother Earth, the gudri quilt is made from various materials that include silk and cotton. It has been draped around the sofa for a dazzling effect; 28,000.

7    Playing with geometric patterns and floral motifs, the mahogany Zoya Armchair, part of the Farah Baksh collection forms the focal point of the room; 26,500.

8    Placed on the Zoya Armchair is a silk, pretty pink Azmina cushion, which is comfortable and chic; 1,800.

9    In this eclectic and elegant living room, the geometric pattern is in complete contrast to the floral motifs. Featured here is a Moroccan Striped Dhurrie with a bold geometric pattern, which is made from cotton in varying shades of pink and purple. It makes the ground beneath our feet more stylish and complements the chevron print of the armchair; 28,000.

10    Placed on the dhurrie is a navy blue mushru Flamingo Dancer Cushion and a pink Gudri Cushion made from various materials including silk and cotton; `1,850 (Flamingo Cushion), 2,800 (Gudri Cushion).

11    An assortment of cushions placed on the sofa adds texture, colour and an element of fun to the space. Featured here are pink, teal, green and purple cushions made of silk, cotton and mushru; 1,450 to 2,800 (depending on the material and work on the cushion).

12    With a large tropical flower made on it, this fuchsia beauty called Botanical Decor Vase looks magnificent and goes well with the theme; 3,200.

13    Pinkish-red round pillar candles called Gingerlily add colour to the space and once lit emanate a sweet floral smell; 350 (small), 600 (big).

14    Textured surfaces are an important trend this year. The white marble Carnation Tray is a great example of accessories mirroring this trend. With an interesting botanical pattern made on it these hand-crafted pieces go well with almost any kind of decor; 3,600.

15    Not only do these Nagina Filigree hanging beauties illuminate the room, but the light steaming from the detailing creates lovely patterns on the wall. Made from iron, its teal tinge gives it an interesting dimension; 2,200 (each).

16    Use this as a cake stand or as a tray to serve delicacies. This pinkish-purple lacquer Biku Tray is a stylish addition to any home; 4,800.

17    Made from painted glass, the Firdaus Lights are great holders for small candles and tea-lights; 1,950.

18    The distressed aqua pinewood chest doubles up as a bar. No matter where you place it, the chest will automatically grab eyeballs; 78,000.

19    The Mandalay metal vase in a silver finish breaks the chaos of colour in the room; 6,200.

20    Made from MDF and high-gloss lacquer, the Fino Side Table complements the theme and colour of the space; 18,500.

21    This fuchsia accessory called Began Temple Top made from lacquer gels well with the aesthetics of the room; 12,500.

Prices are subject to taxes wherever applicable.