Antique Ardour

Make believe you’re in old, sepia-toned times with this quaint set-up… perfect for those who have vintage-inspired furniture and warm spaces.

1 The wallet from Devotie crafted out of full-grain Italian leather can accommodate notes, credit and identity cards and also has a separate pocket for change; Rs 3,450; WILLIAM PENN.
2 This Italian leather organiser from Devotie not only comes with a pen-holder but also has compartments to hold cards and receipts; Rs 3,500; WILLIAM PENN.
3 The pencils fashioned out of recycled wood and lead, a must-have for those environment-conscious souls; Rs 50; FILTER.


4 A pair of resin book-ends featuring sparrows perched on tomes; Rs 3,600; MORA TAARA.


5 Set a book or a cup of tea on the delicate, colonial-style table made from wood and brass; Rs 41,000; THE GREAT EASTERN HOME.
6 The Aida Monacco porcelain tea set from the Classic Collection features 24 carat gold-finished bands, making it an investment you’d want to show off; Rs 14,950 (tea pot), Rs 3,750 (cup), Rs 2,400 (saucer); ROSENTHAL.


7 Sink into the comfy Wing Chair which is embellished with metal studs along the edges; Rs 73,000; THE GREAT EASTERN HOME.
8 A hand-embroidered cushion adds extra comfort to the single-seater; THE GREAT EASTERN HOME.
9 Organize your reading material with this burma teak magazine rack; Rs 37,000; THE GREAT EASTERN HOME.


10 Hang pretty drapes from this intricately carved wooden wonder which also helps accent the walls; THE GREAT EASTERN HOME.
11 Display your wares in this stately cabinet that also doubles up as a library; THE GREAT EASTERN HOME.
12 This pretty cushion featuring hand-embroidered leaf motifs adds softness to the sturdy bench; THE GREAT EASTERN HOME.
13 Perch comfortably on this Queen Anne-style wooden bench as you browse through those volumes; THE GREAT EASTERN HOME.


14 Your riding companion makes an appearance in the form of a figurine; THE GREAT EASTERN HOME.
15 Keeping a tab of accounts isn’t a task anymore with the Humorous Books that has checked and ruled sheets;
Rs 175 (each); FILTER.


16 These Chinese stone murals set onto a wooden frame will make for striking decor; THE GREAT EASTERN HOME.


17 Part of the Infinium series, this pen from Fisher-Space has a refill that lasts to up to 80 years making it a life-long writing companion; Rs 8,745; WILLIAM PENN.
18 This Chamois pouch made specially to accommodate a pen is crafted from cow leather; Rs 630; WILLIAM PENN.
19 The ebony-coloured, lacquered writing instrument from Caran d’Arche has 18 carat gold-finished trims and a clip, along with a two-toned nib; Rs 37,250; WILLIAM PENN.
20 A mundane notebook gets an interesting twist with paisley motifs sprinkled across the cover; Rs 370; FABINDIA.


21 The Buddhist cross-pattern etched onto the flap of the Devotie business card-holder, is symbolic of wealth and prosperity; Rs 3,750; WILLIAM PENN.
22 Add a touch of glamour to your tabletop with this crystal Glimbal Globe from Dalvey; Rs 8,300; WILLIAM PENN.
23 A delight to look at, the engraved cube-shaped Dice from Dalvey serves as a paperweight; Rs 3,700; WILLIAM PENN.


24 For all your geographic references, the desk globe comes handy; Rs 1,090; FABINDIA.
25 A happy memory in the silver-plated Spin photo frame promises to be a pleasant distraction during those stressful work hours; Rs 3,960; EPISODE.
26 Swarovski crystal-tipped Rubinato pencils are perfect for a touch of bling; Rs 175; WILLIAM PENN.
27 The ivory-hued barrel of this ball point pen from Graf Von Faber Castell (part of the Anello Collection) is decked with contrasting platinum-coloured rings; Rs 18,007; WILLIAM PENN.
28 Minor details will be easy to remember when jotted into the grid-bound notepad; Rs 210; FABINDIA.


29 There’s enough space for all your work accessories on the walnut wood, Italian-style writing desk; THE GREAT EASTERN HOME.
30 The elegant Jacobean chair is a perfect blend of comfort and design; THE GREAT EASTERN HOME.


31 Hand-painted floral motifs in red and blue offset the cream tones of this decorative plate; THE GREAT EASTERN HOME.
32 This cheerful village girl carrying a basket recalls a simpler time; THE GREAT EASTERN HOME.


33, 34 & 35 Beautifully designed hand-blown glasses with a delicate touch of blue; Rs 450 (each); THE GREAT EASTERN HOME.


36, 37 & 38 You can drink out of these glasses, brightened up with swirls of colour; Rs 550; THE GREAT EASTERN HOME.

Unlisted prices are on request. Prices will be subject to taxes wherever applicable.