An Inside Job

While the green accessories and the chocolate wall contrast beautifully, in this workspace the large desk with an attached bookshelf is the clear winner.

1 & 2 Steel and glass come together to create these colourful green and orange photo-frames; Rs 1,050 (each); EBONY GAUTIER.
3 When all else fails, remember quirk works. In fact, it’s the easiest way to pep-up any space. Featured here is a green desk clock with an autorickshaw motif; Rs 1,280; BOOKWISE.
4 Love reading, but hate having your books lying around or falling off shelves? Then invest in this cute steel book-end; Rs 2,500; CMKY BOOKSTORE.
5 Every desk needs a reading light, featured here is a metal lamp painted in light green; Rs 6,000; EBONY GAUTIER.
6 Keep important documents and files safe in this file folder called 1 Billion made from paper; Rs 395; PLAY CLAN.
7 This magnificent particle board and honeycomb board Manhattan Sepia Office Desk has a large workstation and shelves to hold books and accessories; Rs 1,26,000; EBONY GAUTIER.
8 With a soft green back the Adulis Chair, made from solid wood and E1 particle board frame, complements the decor; Rs 11,000; EBONY GAUTIER.
9 Keep your money safe in this adorable stainless steel and chrome-plated piggy bank; Rs 1,195; EBONY GAUTIER.
10 Store those important bills in this cute and colourful polypropylene polka-dotted storage box; Rs 655; EBONY GAUTIER.


11 In some cultures, green is said to bring prosperity, which is why this clear, blown glass vase is perfect for your home office; Rs 12,999; EBONY GAUTIER.
12 The Royal Oak Side Table is a useful addition to a home office; Rs 15,000; EBONY GAUTIER.
13 Enhance the look of your room with these frames which sport floral prints; Rs 12,000 (set of 9); EBONY GAUTIER.
14 These pure silk cushions in green, from Onset, break the monotony of beige and brown; Rs 1,208; EBONY GAUTIER.


15 Drink sherbet from these ceramic Angel Cups with silicone handles shaped like wings; Rs 750 (each); PYLONES @ TAABIR.
16 Colourful rubber coasters will keep your furniture from getting soiled; Rs 350 (each); CMYK BOOKSTORE.
17 A colour-filled bone china ashtray called Haveli; Rs 395; PLAY CLAN.
18 Simple and straight-lined, the Royal Oak Coffee Table is made from solid Tasmanian oak wood; Rs 25,000; EBONY GAUTIER.
19 The rug continues the drama of green in the room; Rs 7,965; EBONY GAUTIER.


20 Add a refreshing look to your space with these pretty, synthetic flowers; Rs 800 (per stem); EBONY GAUTIER.
21 Rest is assured on this Royal Oak Sofa set that has been made from solid Tasmanian Oak Wood; Rs 1,40,000; EBONY GAUTIER.
22 The particle board Mervent TV Corner is a great piece of furniture for multimedia devices like laptops and other accessories; Rs 17,000EBONY GAUTIER.

Prices will be subject to taxes wherever applicable.