A Slice of Monsoon

Styled by Tangerine’s in-house designers, this setting features everything you need to keep your home as fresh as rain-washed foliage… from cozy yet energizing soft furnishings, quirky coasters and mugs to fun decor accessories in a plethora of blues and greens.

1    This charcoal desk photo frame, from the Toronto-based homeware design company Umbra, will fill your room with joy and nostalgia. Due to its simplistic design, the MDF frame can fit seamlessly in any room; Rs. 699; Home Town.

2    This glass beauty in a blue hue will brighten any corner of your room when decorated with tea lights; Rs. 250; Home Town.

3    Made from plastic, the white roses placed in the blue vase look as fresh as real ones; Rs. 250 each; Home Town.

4    This lovely blue plastic vase can house fresh blooms or artificial one’s as spotted here; Rs. 990; Home Town.

5    In a refreshing blue, this glass bottle will sit pretty on your side table while you use it to store water or any other liquid; Rs. 430; Home Town.

6    Turn the ground beneath you into a lush lawn with these cosy soft rugs made from cotton chenille; Rs. 1,199; Tangerine.

7    Wrap yourself in the comfort of this soothing blue towel woven out of cotton yarn; Rs. 899; Tangerine.

8    Straighten up your room by neatly placing your shoes and other paraphernalia in this stylish white shoe rack made from MDF; Rs. 29,900;Home Town.

9    Illuminate your room with this bed side lamp made from glass and supported by a steel base; Rs. 7,000 onward; Home Town.

10    For those who like to keep it simple and classy, decorate your side table with this translucent and minimalistic glass vase;Rs. 949; Home Town.

11    Artificial blooms are the order of the day. These ones in yellow bring a touch of sunshine into the room; Rs. 499;Home Town.

12    Let your feet experience the pleasure of the soft snow white mat made of cotton chenille; Rs. 1,199; Tangerine.

13    Capture the beautiful hues of a coral reef with these pin-striped cushion covers made of satin; Rs. 399; Tangerine.

14    The sky blue bag pictured here is made from cotton and sports a leather handle; Rs. 1,499; Tangerine.

15    The fun checkered cushion cover lends the right amount of vibrancy to this cool toned setting; Rs. 399; Tangerine.

16    More than any other piece of furniture, a low bench (whether placed indoors or outdoors) promises a peaceful respite. This one crafted from wood will definitely find a cosy spot in your room; Home Town.

17    Made from wood, this multi-purpose marvel with a glossy white finish serves as a dresser, a closed cabinet and also an open cabinet to display your prized possessions; Rs. 34,900; Home Town.

18    Fit for fitness freaks, these wood and metal figurines performing headstands are definite morning workout reminders; Rs. 5,499 (each); Home Town.

19    Store your pen collection or trinkets in this pen-holder crafted from MDF; Rs. 1,259; Home Town.

20    Trash your junk in style in this shiny blue dust bin made from plastic; Rs. 699; Home Town.

21    The sleek and no-frill four-door white glossy-finished wardrobe made from wood lends a very clean and neat look to this bedroom; Rs. 84,900; Home Town.

22    The subtle teal sunflower and beige background complements its dark wooden frame; Rs. 5,250; Home Town.

23    Made from wood, this lovely tray will infuse your home with rustic charm; Rs. 1,099; Home Town.

24    Cotton candy skies and ripple effects on water are beautifully captured on these lovely coasters crafted out of wood; Rs. 99 each; Tangerine.

25    Sure to add cheer to your morning cuppa, these assortment of mugs feature teal and olive green stripes, milky clouds, and blue and white stripes respectively (from left to right); Rs. 199 (each); Tangerine.

26    These white artificial Mogra flowers will remind you of a glorious spring day; Rs. 59; Home Town.

27    Dress your windows in these simple yet elegant powder-blue curtains made from a blend of satin and polyester;Rs. 1,199; tangerine

28    Mirrors can work wonders in creating an illusion of space or just adding some drama to your bedroom. This one here sports geometric patterns on the rim and definitely brings out the beauty of this room; Rs. 790; Home town

29    Set on sturdy iron stands, the ceramic decorative pieces can be used to hold candles but look stunning on their own too; Rs. 2,250 per piece; Home Town.

30     Made from wood, the clean lines and no-fuss design aesthetics of this bed will appeal to your inner minimalist. The only detailing seen here is a wood panel running across the headboard;
Rs. 59,900 (king size bed); Home Town.

31    The stunning ensemble of cotton pillow covers brings to life all that nature has to offer… from lovely  lavender tulips in a lush green garden to the settling of dew drops to the pretty sight of ripple effects on water; Rs. 2,999 (bed sheet and cushion cover); Tangerine.

32    The bright nautical bedsheet perfectly complements the milky-white bed; Rs. 2,999 (bedsheet and cushion covers); Tangerine.

33    The pure cotton comforter filled with polyester won’t let you get out of bed. Plus, those bright green stripes make your time spent in between sheets all the more enjoyable; Rs. 5,999; Tangerine.
Unlisted prices are on request. Prices are subject to taxes wherever applicable.