Chic, Colourful and Charismatic

If you’re looking for decorating ideas, both festive and pratical, which will refresh and rejuvenate your interiors, look no further, for we have four  industry experts armed with an arsenal of inspiring tips and tricks. Be it beautifying your home with resplendent reds, embellishing with restrain, beautifying your walls with gorgeous hues and textures, creating the perfect table setting or adding sparkle with  metallic accessories…  here are some ideas fresh out of the design-oven.

Roll out the Red Carpet

Every season has its special colour. For me Diwali is a time when I think and feel red. I often wear a red silk sari in the evening. I also find myself planning red for the Shades of India collection going into the stores at this time. This year, I have imagined a red silk quilt that contrasts with the pure white of luxury bed linen, which can be offset by some contrasting cushions. There are, of course, many shades of red — but this year I have planned a bright, sharp, crystal red that reflects the gaiety of the season’s in its embroidered cushion. Complementing this, I have chosen one cushion embroidered with mirrors that reflect light. I have also imagined a cushion in a patchwork of colours. The inspiration for it came from the sample swatches we prepare for customers and buyers. These have been stitched together to form a mosaic that has both, harmony and contrast. At home, we use lots of candles — I prefer them to fairy lights — and lots of flowers. Then, there are attractively arranged bowls of fruit and nuts on the table for Diwali. Again, you can pick up colourful fruits such as pomegranates, oranges and apples. These are festive fruits that can be used at Christmas too. Finally, my advice is… don’t go overboard. Decoration is always more effective when restrained. Whenever I create a new piece — an embellished cushion for instance — I first heavily decorate it. Then I remove a lot of what I have placed there. The result is always brilliant.

Mandeep Nagi is the design director of reputed furnishings brand, Shades of India

Table of Contents
India makes its guests feel like royalty with an extremely diverse, yet sophisticated menu, which lays an emphasis on creativity and tradition. And, of course, a grand meal in a grander setting is the perfect finishing touch for the festive mood. The dining setting I have created here is inspired by the classic pearl earrings of the Deccan. The Crescent Thaali set which is available at our stores would be an ideal canvas for the much-awaited Diwali meal. An accent of festive colours like red and gold adorn the Indian dining layout during our festivities. If you incorporate red-and-gold candles, they will add a touch of glamour to the whole layout. Traditional Pichhwai paintings and Kerala pillars in the backdrop also add a classically- ethnic feel to the setting.

JJ Valaya is a fashion designer and curator of lifestyle brand, The Home of the Traveller

Festive Fare
The colours and shades in interior decoration play a significant role in lending an entirely new look to your house. This festive season, rejuvenate it with bright colours such as teal, red, fuchsia and orange, for a palette that plays off the colour wheel; and tone it down by pairing it with grey and neutral accessories. Accent colours make all the difference, adding dimension and visual interest. Though accent colours take centre stage while others fade into the background, both are important. Use them to emphasize certain elements, create focal pieces and draw the eye around a room. A few vibrant, well-placed cushions could be all the colour you need. It’s an easy way to add colour without a major investment of time or money. Scatter them on the floor, sofas or chairs, using hues that connect with the existing furniture. For that extra zing, add metallic shine — brass, silver or copper — in the form of accessories such as tealights, vases, candle holders, etc. To complete the look make use of reflective surfaces that act like jewels, elegantly embellishing the space.

Rajat Singhi is founder and creative director of lifestyle brand, Address Home

Dazzling Walls
World over, festivals illustrate the rich cultural heritage of a people and their country. It’s the time when everybody wants to break-free from the mundane and monotonous daily life and start something new. In India, Diwali signifies this new beginning. And the best place to start this makeover is at home, by giving  it a jovial, colourful look that matches the spectrum of festivals and sets the mood for celebrations. We suggest three paint effects for this festival of lights, which are sure to jazz up your walls and give your rooms a luxurious feel.


Geometric Finish
The effects of this finish are uniform and bring a sense of symmetry to your walls. It’s all about making a wall stand out with poise and harmony. The various finishes under this category are:

Geometric Contour: This finish creates an impression of a rock quarry arranged in precise symmetric formation.

Geometric Crackle: A whimsical cracked-wall effect which is sure to draw attention.

Geometric Spatula: This effect is inspired by Mediterranean architecture and gives a look and feel of the stucco walls.

Geometric Echo: Using this finish is like imparting a stylish and classy geometry lesson on your wall.

Artistic Finish
These paint effects elevate the sensorial experience and add a touch of drama by bringing your walls to life. The finishes under this category are:

Artistic Brocade: A decorative finish that warmly wraps your walls with a tapestry of traditional patterns.

Artistic Faux Rolling: This rich texture gives your walls the plush feel of Tuscan stucco architecture.

Artistic Bagging: This finish assists in lending your walls a stylish textured effect.

Artistic Sprinkle: Makes the walls of your home look rich and royal.

Trendy Finish
This effect has a host of swanky designs that reflect your creativity, all while keeping it contemporary and chic. They are classified into:

Trendy stripes: Fashion your walls by painting forever-cool stripes on them.

Trendy Ragging: This has a layered effect of colour and texture to create depth and dimension.

Trendy Dragging: This depicts the varying moods of flowing water, serene and gushing.

Trendy Twitter: Paint this trend and let your walls do all the talking.

Sukhpreet Singh is vice president marketing and sales (decorative) of Kansai Nerolac

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