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The master bedroom can’t just look relaxed, it has to have the ability to unwind you after a long day, plus be right for just lounging about, providing a good night’s sleep, energizing you in the mornings and offering leisure during lazy afternoons. These are the ingredients of a perfect space believe Sachin and Neha Gupta of New Delhi-based lifestyle brand Beyond Designs. So it’s only right that they’ve used mood lighting, pops of colour and contemporary styling to create a private paradise in this set-up.

Most people have their bedrooms performing double (sometimes triple) functions. From a slumber space, it gets transformed into a mini home office, gym or even an entertainment zone. There is a new trend in the world of design, where homeowners (with deep pockets) and interior designers are creating a master suite that comprises a small living space with or without a study desk, a walk-in closet, large bath and finally the sleeping area. The snooze room featured here falls into this brand new fad that just might be here to stay. Styled for people between the age group of 25 to 50 years, the concept uses mood lighting and youthful elements to create a visual feast. The room can be broken down to reveal three main elements — the colour scheme, juxtaposition of contemporary elements against vintage ones, and a luxe appeal.

One common mistake people tend to make is to fill a space with too much colour or use unbearably glitzy hues. The idea is to have a soothing but elegant room, not one that will get the adrenaline pumping. So the overall colour palette has been kept neutral — the linen bedcover mimics the appearance of jute; the walls are a subdued grey; and the drapes on the four-poster bed are a sober beige-brown. Of course, a room devoid of colour is like a flower without its tantalizing fragrance. So, colourful accents have been cleverly introduced — the pink-red throw from Uzbekistan on the bed, the hot-pink armchair and table, the burnt-orange Persian rug, the colourful cushions and the red pendant lights.

We love the look one gets when you combine old-world sensibilities with modern aesthetics. This is illustrated in our design through the teak and lacquer-finished, four-poster bed. While the furniture’s form is traditional in sense, it’s the clean straight lines that evoke a contemporary charm.  Instead of having a simple headboard, the bed makes use of a tall one with a three-tier mirror box. That vintage-looking cow figurine next to the contemporary cotton-satin armchair only adds the right amount of quirk to the tableau. Mixing elements from different eras and genres is a great way to play with decor. The smooth surface of the armchair contrasts well with the rough exterior of the figurine. This interplay of opposites ends up highlighting the little imperfections brought on by age in the sculpture, which not only look alluring, but give the room character.

Sophisticated materials with great finishes make the room luxurious, albeit comfortable. In order to demarcate but not cut off areas, the metal bars act as the perfect divider. Then we have  mirrors that provide the illusion of a larger space and the rough textured ceiling adds another dimension to the set-up. Layering Euro-sham size pillows and cushions adds depth, texture and colour to the bed.

For centuries, the bed has been a sign of wealth, the richer the nobleman, the better the bed… however, at the end of the day, in the bedroom a heady mix of comfort, style and panache go a long way.”

1 This four-poster bed in teak sports a lacquer finish. With three-tier mirrored inserts in the headboard, it’s the perfect addition to a modern space;  2,81,250.

2 A high back chair instantly captures attention and highlights the area around it. This one made from teak with lacquer finish, is upholstered in shaneel; 67,071

3 The cement finish on the slim teak mirror is a great way to introduce texture in an unlikely place;  4,500.

4 A console is a great way to add drama to the room. Like this one made from walnut wood with a mother-of-pearl overlay top that features a herringbone pattern; 1,68,750.

5 This glass adornment done in shades of amber, speaks a subtle yet sophisticated language; 50,625.

6 Too much colour can be chaotic, bold shades must be complemented with subtle tones. For instance the designers have incorporated soft green and brown hues in bottle-shaped glass vases to supplement the rest of the decor; 2,250 each.

7 A side table is just meant to be kept, well at the side, right? Surely, not in this case. When a piece of furniture is pretty as this one, show it off in the middle of the room. Made from teak with a lacquer finish, it has a handcrafted cutwork mirror top; 50,625.

8 Made from pure linen, this bedspread echoes the look of jute to give an interesting edge to the room; 27,000.

9 Art has leaped from the canvas and transformed itself into everyday objects. Case in point is the antique artistic fabric from Uzbekistan which is actually a throw; 60,000.

10 The striking side table is made using ply and MDF in a lacquer finish with a handcrafted mirror strip placed in between the two drawers; 61,875.

11 The stunning pendant lamps are crafted out of red blown glass hanging with stainless steel fittings, crushed velvet cover (for the wires) and a silk lampshade; 42,750 (each).

12 This occasional chair in Burma teak has a contemporary style and utilizes rich and bright pink upholstery in cotton-satin fabric;  38,351.

13 A floor-resting mirror with frame finished in gold leaf features handcrafted cutwork detailing in layers; 3,15,000.

14 This antique wood cow sculpture marvellously collides with the smooth contemporary chair nearby; 73,125.

15 A side table with a perspex base has a top made using jasper (an opaque, impure variety of silica); 39,375.

Prices are subject to taxes wherever applicable.

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