Maavni Designs: Pattachitra Home Decor

Odisha-based Maavni Designs highlight traditional Pattachitra art in a modern form — through decor such as kettles, dolls, wall plates and nameplates. The artform is native to Odisha and is known presenting mythological narratives and folktales through intricate details.

The products are made from locally sourced and produced wood, handmade canvas, cloth, etc. The wall plate, which is the flagship product of this collection, is made from wood and melamine and exquisitely hand-painted. It features intricate detailing of mythological characters, flower motifs and abstract patterns. The wall plates are available in over than 50 designs, including Shiva Parivar and Jagganath Dasavatar. The kettles and wooden elephants are contemporary artefacts enhanced by the beauty of Pattachitra. The ethnic kettle is made of aluminium and hand-painted with Pattachitra paintings of Krishna and other mythological characters. The handcrafted wooden elephant decor piece features traditional motifs and bright colours.

Compiled by: BI Staff
Photographs: Courtesy Maavni Designs