Crystal Clarity

Sparkling crystals, reflective glass and a dash of white bring Christmas cheer indoors in this stylish dining table setting created by Richa Nagrath of OMA Living.

Eat, drink and make merry; for ‘tis the season to share a sumptuous meal with your relatives and friends. Add to this, a delectable Christmas table setting that is sure to whet everyone’s appetite. Unfortunately, most festive tables either suffer from going over-the-top with colours and elements or keep only the bare essentials, devoid of any charm. Consider a middle path… just like this dining table set-up created by Richa Nagrath, head visual merchandiser for accessories and furniture with OMA Living. Taking cues from a ‘white Christmas,’ Richa has used the power of this pristine shade along with gleaming crystals and transparent glass. Set in a space that is dipped in sombre sophistication, the chocolate brown walls, a dark brown ceiling and fawn carpet over a wooden floor are elements that further enhance the gorgeous spread on the table.

The idea was to limit the use of white on the dining chairs and get the festive mood going with glistening crystal and glass. Though white has deep yuletide ties, too much of this hue makes the space look clinical and boring. The translucency of the crystal and glass does not overpower white, it complements it.

Light and crystal have been faithful partners from time immemorial and brighten up the mood; which is why the crystal chandelier hanging in the centre not only highlights the table below, but makes the room sparkle. Large, European-looking ornate mirrors that create an air of mystery and drama, capture and reflect this gleaming light in all its glory. The festive feel is further heightened with crystal candle holders in various shapes, a clear-glass lamp with a white lampshade, and amber and yellow glass tea lights on the mantle below the mirror. These knick-knacks act like trailers to the movie… for the real story begins to unravel only when you are comfortably seated on white leather dining chairs around the chocolate brown American walnut-wood dining table.

A Christmas centrepiece is like the piece de resistance of the entire setting. You can place anything from a large vase with white and gold flowers to crystal, mother-of-pearl or steel bowls with fruits. But those are obvious choices. Here, with enough room to seat ten people comfortably, the length of the table allowed Richa to keep more than one highlight. Therefore, a silver-plated bowl filled with tea lights is placed at the centre, and is flanked by two crystal candle holders (with gold long stem candles), and on either side of these are white flowers in a gilded and etched glass candle stand. To add another element of fun to these points of focus, Richa has placed a glass cake stand with tiny candles packed like Christmas presents between the flower vase and the candleholder.

All the glass and crystal bears an air of erudition, but then casual table settings are for everyday dinners; since Christmas comes once a year, it deserves a special set-up. Therefore, Richa has opted for an elegant, classy and formal fare. White ceramic plates and bowls, white napkins held with brown (metal and leather) rings, champagne flutes, wine glasses and beautiful glass wine decanters only help complete the look.

Clearly, there’s a market-full of palatable options to choose from. However, if you are looking to share a yuletide feast that not only has good food, but exhibits a brilliant fusion of artistic vision, passion and craft, use Richa’s merry makeover tips to unfold your own festive fable.

1 Though used as a candle holder, this crystal beauty is actually a vase; Rs. 31,495.

2 Just placing a bottle of wine on the table is long-forgotten history! The order of the day is a glass wine decanter that comes in interesting shapes, which only gives an extra edge to your supper setting; Rs. 12,995 (each).

3 The purity of white increases manifold, simply by using these artificial flower sticks; Rs. 899 (each).

4 Products made from glass are usually multifunctional in nature. Featured here is a gilded and etched hurricane candle stand that has been used like a flower vase; Rs. 1,095 (each).

5 These golden long stem candles give the room a festive look; Rs. 745 (set of six).

6 Inspired by the Victorian candelabras, this crystal hanging candle holder looks exquisite and instantly grabs eyeballs; Rs. 29,995 (each). 

7 & 8 Make your table stand out by using everyday objects innovatively. Featured here is a glass cake stand that reverberates with the spirit of Christmas… complete with candles packed like presents in it; Cake Stand: Rs. 12,995; Candles: Rs. 245 (each).

9 Place tea lights in this silver-plated bowl and watch the light bounce off it; Rs. 5,495.

10 Amber and yellow glass tea light holders on the mantle illuminate the room and add a dash of colour; Rs. 995 (each).

11 Add style and substance to the room with these exquisite candle holders that are made using small crystal balls; Rs. 2,995 (each).

12 You can use this glass beauty with a golden base to place tea lights or candles on. It’s a great way to add some sparkle to the room; Rs. 895 (each).

13 This mirrored console reflects the shimmering lights and makes the space look even more festive; Rs. 59,995.

14 Crystal and light come together to create a mesmerizing sight in this regal chandelier; Rs. 84,995.

15 The perfect accompaniment to crystal and glass, these Victorian-looking mirrors with fine detailing add charm and dimension; Rs. 59,995 (big); Rs. 27,995 (small).

16 Enjoy a yummy yuletide meal on this American walnut wood dining table; Rs. 1,15,995.

17 Comfort and style are the foremost requirements when selecting a chair to complement your dining table. Featured here are wood oak wenge dining chairs upholstered in off-white leather; Rs. 42,995 (each).

18 Talk about floor show; this fawn carpet made from a blend of cotton and wool, though simple in form, creates a dramatic contrast with the walls and the ceiling; Rs. 84,995.

19 These simple white ceramic dinner plates complement the theme and add an air of subtle sophistication to the setting; Big: Rs. 495 (each); Small: Rs. 395 (each).

20 Tie the look together with these metal and leather napkin rings; Rs.445 (set of five).

21, 22 & 23 Sip on your favourite poison in these champagne flutes and wine glasses; Champagne flutes: Rs. 645 (each); Big wine glass: Rs. 695 (each); Small wine glass: Rs. 595 (each).

Prices are subject to taxes wherever applicable.

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