Bedroom Basics

The abundant attractive choices for bedroom decor can be daunting on the uninitiated. Here are a few essential guidelines for a private space that you’ll love and cherish.  So keep calm and read on!


Hulsta’s Mioletto range of beds is elegance personified. It includes a king-sized bed with headboard extension shelves for storage or displaying decor accessories.

The bedroom is a sanctuary — a place of quiet retreat from the bustle of the work day, a spot to unwind whilst lounging in comfortable clothes, or even a haven to relax in while watching the evening news or curling up with a book. So it’s no wonder this room ought to be the most luxurious and personal space in any home — a soothing oasis that is conducive to calming down. However, most of us do not know how to decorate a bedroom. We look at our neighbour’s beautiful colour schemed home or a breathtaking set-up in a magazine, and want to emulate it. The trouble is that there are so many options out there that it’s hard to make a decision that will work best for your house.

Holistically, the design of a bedroom depends on a few major factors. The first one is quite obviously, who the occupants of the space will be. For instance, the bedroom design for an adult will be absolutely different from that of a child’s. Secondly, the size of the bedroom matters. That which will suit a large bedroom might not work for a tiny space. And lastly,
of course, a budget will come into play when stepping out to buying the bedroom of
your dreams.

Need to accommodate guests, but have only one bedroom. The Ulisse Dining furniture from Clei is the answer to your woes. It has a table that disappears when the double bed opens, sliding and remaining located underneath the bed base.

Master bedroom
Typically, this one is the largest in the house and therefore has a lot of scope for experimentation. One should select a design for this bedroom in a way that it reflects the personality of its inhabitants. Colours have the power to evoke strong feelings. Choosing the right scheme and applying therapy through different tints and tones can transform any bedroom into a haven of health and wellbeing. However, experts are divided on this subject. While some say a bedroom should have restful colours like blue and green, others are of the opinion that warmer hues such as misty peach and buttery yellow work best. In any case, the choice is after all, yours and the bedroom should be one that you enjoy and that inspires happy thoughts as you drift off to sleep.

Team Kansai Nerolac believes that applying the 60-30-10 principle ensures a well-balanced colour scheme for the interiors. Accordingly, 60 per cent of the wall space should be used for the theme colour since it will be the most visible. Next, 30 per cent should be allocated to the secondary shade that will compliment the dominant one. Lastly, 10 per cent should be an accent colour as it will be barely seen. However, in order to be noticed, this ought to be contrasting to the dominant hue. Also, wallpaper is a good way to add some depth and texture to the boudoir. The flooring and the wall make up the framework of any space. “Wooden laminate is a feasible flooring choice as it enhances the decor of any space. Plus, it’s hassle free and easy on the pocket as well,” shares Naresh Maheshwari, CEO, Pergo. Thus every aspect of the designing process should be taken on the basis of functionality and aesthetic appeal. Architect Annkur Khosla too stresses on the fact that functionality should be a priority and that space planning should facilitate convenience. Therefore, the furniture in the master bedroom should mainly include a double bed, wardrobe and side tables to avoid overcrowding.

This hand-made Hastens 2000T II mattress will make your dreams come to life. It has been made using a unique layering method with the finest horsehair, cotton and wool. The springs are mounted one by one on its own fabric pocket and moves independently when pressed down, giving you the most comfortable night’s sleep possible.

A roomy bedroom can accommodate a cosy chair for your late-night reads. If there is a terrace attached, then a formal seating arrangement works well too. The finish and shades of the products should complement the colours of the walls. “The bed, mattress and pillows are the most important pieces of furniture. The right kind of mattress is the key to good sleep,” says T Sudhakar Pai, managing director, Kurl-on. Owing to lack of information on mattresses, very often our parameters for deciding on the right one for us is limited to only two criteria: price and comfort. However, another important factor to be considered is “support”. While sleeping, our spinal discs rehydrate and recuperate from the strain of the day and regain their elasticity, therefore, the mattress should support every curve of the body. Good quality products are not just important for good sleep but also positively affect our health. Furthermore, most people tend to ignore the age of a mattress and if one has trouble sleeping then it’s an indication that a change is required. “Choosing pillows that offer the right support for your sleeping position will prevent muscle cramps in the neck, shoulders, and upper back,” says Shaily Grover, managing director, Paramount Surgimed. Polyester, goose feathers, synthetic materials are some of the choices available for the filling. It is the bed linen and the window treatments that add depth, colour and life in the bedroom. Arun Bhawsingka, CEO, Creative Portico believes that “the feel of the fabric matters the most. In such a case, the use of fine count cotton satin in 100 per cent combed would be ideal.”

Add some element of drama and mystique in the bedroom with the Kolizz-art digital wallpapers from Zynna. The wallpapers make it extremely easy to create exclusive murals printed on a silver, gold or white support.

When it comes to window treatment, “one should use both sheer as well as dark curtains for the windows”, says architect Manjunath Hathwar of Space Dynamix. While the dark curtains ensure privacy, the sheers allow light to filter into the room. Apart from the essentials, it’s the personal items, paintings and collectibles that truly make a space intimate. When clubbed together they provide solace and give out a lived-in feel. Another good idea is to introduce green by incorporating houseplants inside the bedroom to feel closer to nature.

Now you have designed the bedroom keeping all the key points in mind. Imagine it in eternal darkness. Doesn’t work at all, right? Light plays a definitive role in highlighting the decor of the space. Therefore it should have a combination of artificial and natural daylight. While a classic pair of lamps placed on each bedside table is a great choice, wall-mounted sconces free up plenty of space on your surfaces for other knick-knacks.

Designing a small kid’s bedroom is no longer an impossible task. Pick up smart and space conserving furniture like the LGS-Design from Italy’s Clei available with Mumbai-based Ekseption and you’re sorted. It is offered in several day versions, which, through a rotation movement, is transformed into a ready-made bed with wooden slats.

Kid’s bedroom
Gone are the days when pink dominated in a girl’s bedroom and blue that in a boy’s. From purple and yellow to green and orange, kids like pretty much all colours these days. Not only does this spectrum of shades add fun and fantasy to a child’s bedroom, but in a small way, it helps you nip gender stereotype in the bud. Whatever be the choice, make sure the colours are water-based so that cleaning the walls will be an easier task.

Once you have finished painting, you can decorate the walls further by painting fairies, birds, teddy bears, wild animals or sports cars. If you want to go the wallpaper way, then there are several options in a variety of themes at your disposal. In order to ensure the safety of your child, the ideal flooring option should be a carpet or wood. Keep enough storage space for their toys, books, craftwork and other knick-knacks so that the floor remains free. The room should be adequately lit with table and floor lamps, and even wall sconces. There should be enough fabric in the form of bed sheets, curtains, pillows, throw pillows, area rugs to provide a softer feel.

Dylan by Cattelan Italia is beautiful and well crafted in leather. Its unique curve and elevated design offers a cantilevered bed, giving your bedroom a contemporary look.

Guest bedroom
The design of a small bedroom should be simple and the colour, furniture, and accessories should make it look spacious. White and beige are colours that can make the room look larger. Use a paint which has a high gloss finish as it will reflect enough light and give the illusion of wide and open area. Do select minimal and compact furniture. A bed with storage compartment, a bedside table with drawers usually occupy less floor space. Avoid using unneccesary accesories and embellishments. Make sure there is enough light and airflow inside so that it does not appear dingy. One should opt for decor products made of metal, glass and other polished surface as they can reflect light. Placing a framed mirror on a wall opposite the window can enhance brightness as well.

It doesn’t matter which country you live in or what age group you belong to. The bedroom is and will always remain the most personal, revered and lived-in space. Your own little haven within the home! Therefore it is imperative you take the time, effort and interest in making it a space you love and truly feel comforted in.


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