A Sanguine Spirit

Alluring artefacts, sleek furniture and traditional ornaments… Asim Merchant of Mumbai-based lifestyle brand Red Blue & Yellow has painted this contemporary Christmas setting in vibrant, cheery and passionate tones of red.

“Christmas, being a time of good weather and festivities, brings in an altogether different charm and warmth to homes. For this set up we have kept the theme contemporary. The idea was to transform the interiors of a regular living room set-up and give it an easily achievable Xmas look. So we used a large comfortable three-seater sofa with lots of cushions along with a burgundy-hued oversized sink-in armchair. The focus was on keeping it contemporary yet comfortable, modern yet inviting. The colour red was used to highlight the theme — in the throw, cushions, art and decorations. A deep burgundy woollen carpet brought it all together. The white Christmas tree was especially used to offset the reds.

To transform your living room for Christmas, use neutrals with only a single highlight colour. I would also suggest creating the new look using made-ups like throws, cushion covers etc as these can be changed easily. Prep up the main wall in the room, either by using a large artwork or a print with your focal colour or alternately, paint the wall in a deeper variant of it. For instance, if your highlight colour is red, use a maroon on the wall. Don’t forget to accessorize with fairy lights and candles, but don’t go overboard by using too many elements; keep it simple and realistic. Whatever you do, make sure the room remains cosy and comfortable.”

1 Flowers add beauty, warmth and colour to the home. Buying flowers for a special occasion and arranging them adds a wonderful personal touch to the room. These fresh and serene white liliums do just that for this Christmas setting; Stylist’s own.

2 The silver vase adds sparkle to the table setting; Stylist’s own.

3 Deviating from the usual Christmas accessories, this little red ceramic fish will make you fall in love with it; Rs. 950 (each).

4 These minuscule pine cones add a traditional spin to the festival. Touted as the tree of ‘knowing’ for their weather predictions (they open up to the rays of the sun on a bright day and close just before rainfall arrives), they symbolize growth and perception; Stylist’s own.

5 Raise a toast on this memorable occasion with these clear wine glasses; Rs. 1,600 (set of six).

6 Sleek and simple, this rectangular tea-light holder is carved out of mango wood. Available along with the candles, it makes for an elegant accessory for any setting; Rs. 1,100.

7 Who wouldn’t want a ride in the real-size version of Beetle’s scale model? If you have auto-lovers and children in the family, this piece is bound to get a pride-of-place in the living room; Stylist’s own. 

8 & 9 What’s a Christmas celebration without a beautiful Xmas tree and attractive gifts placed under it? The silver one featured here sprinkled with bells, baubles and stars as decoration, and the gifts wrapped in scarlet, just waiting to be opened up, is to remind you of the little pleasures this festival offers.; Stylist’s own.

10 Look what the cat dragged in! Made of antique wood, this intriguing vintage statue will certainly catch your eye; Rs. 64,000.

11 Red is undoubtedly the colour of celebration, happiness and love. Bring in a little bit of joy and festivity into the home with these bright red cushions made of cotton; Rs. 1,600 (each).

12 Place this extremely comfortable burgundy Boxter Single Seater near a huge window, a quiet corner or a fireplace and enjoy a mug full of hot chocolate that is oh-so-Christmassy! Made of teak wood, this piece is upholstered with polyurethane foam; Rs. 24,000.

13 Soft and subdued, this purple woollen rug effortlessly tones down an otherwise bright-hued setting. Team it up with a couple of cosy floor cushions and you could laze around with a magazine on an idle afternoon; Rs. 38,000.

14 This pristine white cotton floor cushion gets a distressed finish thanks to the random stitches all over its surface; Rs. 2,200 (each).

15 The ivory white cushion cover made of silk, which has been used over the large cushion, has an understated appeal; Stylist’s own.

16 With a marine plywood frame, which is layered with teak veneer and slats made of solid teak, this glass-topped 2 n 2 Centre Table is big enough to place your favourite showpieces — books, figurines and the likes; Rs. 3,75,000.

17 One is likely to see wreaths made of eucalyptus and boxwood leaves hanging on doors or walls during Christmas. They symbolize growth and everlasting life. Go experiment, and create a runner of sorts from the leaves instead. Seen here is an artificial representation of the same; Stylist’s own.

18 Christmas is generally associated with colours such as red, white, green, silver and golden. While decorating your home, one or more of these colours are bound to be dominant. In such a scenario, a great way to break monotony is by picking striking objects, unusual prints, or in this case, a rectangular-shaped red and yellow cushion; Rs. 2,000.

19 Here, grey blends in beautifully with red. These plain grey cotton cushions only help to strike a balance; Rs. 1,800.

20 Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer had a very shiny nose… spread a little Christmas cheer with these black outlined reindeers on white cushions; Stylist’s own.

21 Enveloping one in its warmth on a cold winter night is this super comfortable red-and-black woven throw. Draped over the grey sofa, it creates a striking contrast; Stylist’s own.

22 Grab your favourite book and read through the night under the glow of this vivid red metal table lamp. Amidst the modern setting of this living room, the lamp’s design resonates with an old-wordly charm; Rs. 8,000.

23 Artichokes are generally used for food preparations during the festival. However, we have placed a couple of them on the side table for some drama. You can also spray-paint these chunky artichokes with gold or silver and create your very own creative decorations; Stylist’s own.

24 Bundle up a string of fairy lights and place them into an otherwise regular glass vase… and voila, a pretty lamp comes to life; Stylist’s own.

25 The Aja Side Table is created out of marine plywood and sports a teak veneer. The design, which incorporates a closed box under the table, gives you space to place magazines, candles and other knick knacks. With its deep brown colour and sleek look, the table can be incorporated in most home decor; Rs. 1,45,000.

26 This minimalistic and abstract painting by artist Pradeep Nerurkar has a good dose of red and is created through mixed media; Rs. 1,80,000; Gallery 7.

27 A living room is incomplete without a nice, roomy and comfortable sofa. This grey-coloured Grapa sofa, made of teak wood and upholstered in polyurethane, serves that purpose. Its legs are carved in solid teak wood. Cushions of a myraid of colours like blue, yellow, purple and red like we used in this setting, will it liven up; Rs. 71,500.

Prices are subject to taxes wherever applicable.

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